Message From the Chair

Erin DavisHello CINF! During a recent discussion with ACS videographers, I had to summarize the CINF division, and what made it unique. I reported that we were an eclectic mix of people from a tremendous variety of careers, all focused on the creation, curation and consumption of information. We are all tied together in a great iterative cycle around data.

Data, data, DATA!

It’s one of the things I love about any CINF event - everyone there has something they are passionate about in regards to chemical information, and the discussions to be had around them are inspiring. With the National Meeting coming up next week I’m particularly looking forward to the in-person CINF events, but a number of the online debates have been just (if not more!) spirited. Excellent stuff!

All of these are nothing without you, the members, involved. So if you are coming to the National Meeting, please do try to join us for the CINF Welcoming Reception, our Tuesday luncheon with special guest speaker Kim Pruitt from the NCBI, and our Skolnik award symposium followed by reception. Or just catch us in the hallway with your latest idea. It’s the time to really connect with people.

How to bring the value of the National Meeting to those that can’t attend in person is on ongoing challenge, especially to the broader ACS community. ACS has been making some strides, especially with things like Presentations on Demand. Each meeting we seek permission of speakers to collect and share slides from CINF talks. Keep an eye on the website after the meeting!

The most prominent thing on my mind is still how to bring value to CINF members outside of the National Meeting. There have been some great ideas circulating, but there are always more. Hearing from the members themselves is paramount. Please reach out to me if you have any thoughts on the subject, or catch me at the National Meeting if you’re attending! I’m always keen to hear from you.

Thanks for being a member!

Erin Davis
CINF Chair