Message From the Chair

Erin DavisHello CINF! I write this during one of the busiest times of year: school years are winding down, grants are coming due, Q2 is ending in industry, and conferences are running full tilt. We are all so incredibly busy! In the midst of all this, let me point out a few items of possible interest.

  • At the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco, we faced all of the anticipated issues associated with having our technical sessions located in a remote hotel. This is a challenge for any division not located in the main conference center. Despite our location, we had a rich attendance, and the presentations were excellent. Thank you to everyone who came to speak and helped to organize the symposia!
  • If you are not already a subscriber to CHMINF-L, I’d encourage you join. This is the de facto mailing list for CINF and other groups and individuals involved in chemical information. Later this year, we will launch a newsletter and discussion board as part of the redesign of the CINF Web site, which we hope will enrich the discussions hosted on this well-established mailing list.
  • Outreach is important. One of the main challenges faced by CINF is the notion that division participation requires physical presence at a national meeting. Not so! Starting at the fall national meeting we will hold committee meetings digitally, as well as in-person, so those that cannot come DC can join the discussions around programming, division business, information, and informatics. More and more CINF committees are moving to regular online discussions. I also encourage you to look into and join your local section, as chemical information is relevant everywhere, and then let us know! The executive committee is keen to get involved across the globe.
  • CINF elections are coming and we need YOU! ACS requires that we cycle through positions on a regular basis, and we need help. If you have a little time to donate to activities like fundraising, treasury, or leadership, please reach out to us to find out more. Physical attendance at National Meetings is not required!

Do you have ideas for CINF and what you would like to see out of your membership? Commentary? Thoughts? Please feel free to e-mail me!

Thanks for being a member!

Erin Davis
CINF Chair