CINF Education Committee

Saturday, August 20, 2016, from 1-3 pm
Philadelphia Convention Center

Attendees: Grace Baysinger (Chair), Judith Currano, Chuck Huber, Jeremy Garritano, Martin Walker, and Donna Wrublewski
Regrets: Ye Li, Suzanne Redalje, Teri Vogel

The committee needs to re-activate efforts to review existing content and determine what new content is needed in the Chemical Information Wikibook. Action: complete this review in six months and create plan for topics and authors. When securing authors, offer options of one-time or ongoing commitment (three years).

At the Spring 2017 ACS National Meeting, the committee plans to have a symposium on open access that will be organized by Grace, Ye, and Erja Kajosalo. Judith and Donna are interested in organizing a symposium for the Fall 2017 National Meeting on ethics of authorship.

SOCED Report: Because Jeremy is a member of the Society's Committee on Education and they met the previous day, he gave us an update. There is a record number of student chapters. Submitting articles (e.g., tips, resources) to “In Chemistry” or the “Graduate Student and Postdoc Newsletter” would be a good way to reach this population. The Committee on Professional Training (CPT ) is working on a survey about virtual classes and labs. They plan to finalize the survey in January. A key issue associated with this survey is whether commensurate credit or experience should be granted for online classes as in-person classes.  Another issue CPT is dealing with are requests to grant accreditation to schools outside the United States.  The Safety Committee has developed guidelines and will be publishing "Hazard Assessment in Research Laboratories"     ACS just published two sets of safety guidelines, one for secondary schools and another for academic institutions. See links on this page: .  CAS has been beta testing a new product called "Chemistry Class Advantage" that was designed to give students an authentic research experience.  For more details, please see this press release:

Grace Baysinger, Chair, CINF Education Committee