Joint Board-Council Committee on CAS Report to C&EN

The CCAS Committee met in Executive Session on August 19, 2016 where CAS management reported on highlights from the first half of 2016 and the committee reviewed its past contributions and explored potential future objectives in the context of CAS and Society needs.

CAS President Manuel Guzman reported that the management team continues to make progress on the Strategic Plan for Growth & Optimization, and that new product launches are all performing well. The most recent product launch, ChemZent, has been well received in the market since its June introduction. PatentPak, introduced earlier this year, has received industry recognition with the CODie Award and the Steve Award. The committee was pleased to learn that the next chapter in SciFinder has been unveiled: SciFindern, which will provide exponential power for researchers around the world, was announced at the fall national meeting.

The committee discussed plans for an upcoming CCAS Strategic Planning Meeting to be held in early 2017 in order to update the committee’s mission and set strategy and specific goals. As a prelude, the committee reviewed past and current interactions between CAS and other parts of the Society such as the Membership and Scientific Advancement, Education, and Publications business divisions as well as various technical divisions. Input from multiple Society stakeholders will be invited to help identify ways in which CCAS can serve Society members as a unique conduit and help CAS to fulfill the ACS Mission “to advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people”.

ACS members having questions or suggestions related to the committee’s mission or strategy are encouraged to reach out directly to committee members.

Wendy Cornell, CCAS Chair