Message From the Chair

ImageThe upcoming meeting, with its theme “Computers in Chemistry,” is really an opportunity for our division, (since we are a computationally oriented division), to shine in the San Diego sun. And, I guess in keeping with the all “digital” theme, it is appropriate to point out that this will be the first national meeting without a “free” printed program book readily available. So make sure to download the PDF version or have the app on your phone or tablet!

Looking towards the CINF program in San Diego, at this meeting we are trying something a bit new, different and extravagant: a three-day symposium, “Chemistry, Data and The Semantic Web,” on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to catch at least some of the presentations in this symposium, as Evan Bolton and Stuart Chalk have put together an outstanding ensemble of speakers.

The entire CINF program covers diverse areas in the application of computational studies to chemistry and chemical information. David Deng has organized a symposium dealing with the challenges involving incompatibilities in data formats. Jason Cole’s symposium discusses the use of 3D structural data for computational predictive studies. Leah McEwen and Ian Bruno’s symposium deals with global databases and data sharing. On the business-oriented side, in conjunction with the Small Business Division, we have Edlyn Simmons’ symposium on access to chemical information for small businesses and startups. Art Cho has organized a symposium involved with the application of more fundamental DFT computational methods to materials and pharmaceuticals. Elsa Alvaro and Andrea Twiss-Brooks deal with issues of Open Access publishing and funding agency requirements. I am organizing a symposium concerned with databases providing a bridge between chemical and biological pathway data, while Ye Li, and Vincent Scalfani round out the CINF program with a symposium on reimagining the new digital library.

I also hope you will join us for our Sunday evening welcoming reception where you will have the opportunity not only to network and chat informally with CINF members, but also to see the posters and meet the students competing in the CINF Scholarships for Scientific Excellence: Student Poster Competition.

I want to thank all the CINF volunteers and officers: Erin Davis, Leah McEwen, Guenter Grethe, Andrew Twiss-Brooks, Dave Martinsen, Belinda Hurley, and Carmen Nitsche who are stepping down from various positions, or in some cases, preparing to transition to new positions. Of course, we are always open to new volunteers, so if you are interested in becoming involved with CINF, please approach me or any of our volunteers or officers.

Believe it or not, the Call for papers for the Fall 2016 Philadelphia meeting has already opened ( division-of-chemical-information.html) so please check out the program and begin sending in submissions. The CINF submission deadline is March 23.

I am looking forward to seeing you in San Diego or Philadelphia and please email me if you have any suggestions regarding how CINF can better serve its members.

Rachelle J. Bienstock, Chair,
ACS Division of Chemical Information