Joint Board-Council Committee on Publications

The Joint Board-Council Committee on Publications (JBCCP) met in Boston and discussed the following.

The monitoring reports for Biochemistry, Journal of Proteome Research and Journal of the American Chemical Society were presented, discussed thoroughly, and accepted with thanks. Editor reappointments were reviewed and recommendations were made.Image

Staff presented an overview of C&EN’s significant editorial and marketing initiatives. C&EN’s “The Talented 12” issue ( highlighted twelve path-paving young researchers and entrepreneurs who are using chemistry to solve global problems. C&EN is collaborating with the Spanish organization,, to translate a selection of content into Spanish, and offer it to readers via C&EN’s website and social media channels. C&EN also created ACS Chemoji, a mobile keyboard app for Android and iPhone that allows users to share chemistry-themed “emojis” via text message and social media. This app was built in collaboration with ACS Publications and Chemical Abstracts Service, and was launched at the ACS National Meeting in Boston. Marketing initiatives in support of C&EN’s advertising sales goals were summarized for the committee.

Journals Publishing staff presented the early results of a systematic survey of ACS corresponding authors. Initial responses indicate that authors choose a journal for submission on the basis of scope, impact, citations, and speed to decision. Authors are generally satisfied with the current peer review system, and rank interactions with ACS editors very highly. The committee suggested that the survey comments be returned to the respective journals to inform both operational and strategic planning.

Staff will ask the Editors-in-Chief of ACS Publications to refine their respective policies of what constitutes “Supporting Information” with respect to both data and to references at its 2016 Conference of Editors, and to clarify such policies in published information for authors.

The committee and staff expressed their sincere appreciation to Dr. Stephanie Brock for her outstanding service as chair of the Joint Board-Council Committee on Publications from 2013 to 2015.

Stephanie Brock, Chair, Joint Board-Council Committee on Publications


How the Internet Changed Chemistry
Volume 93, Issue 32
Issue Date: August 17, 2015