Joint Board-Council Committee on CAS

The Committee on Chemical Abstracts Service (CCAS) met in Executive Session on August 14, 2015, where CAS management reported on highlights from the first half of 2015, including updates on the portfolio of new solutions designed to enable discovery, and advance workflows for scientific researchers and patent professionals around the world. CAS President, Manuel Guzman, reported that CAS continues to execute on its Strategic Plan for Growth and Optimization with the launch of three new products thus far in 2015 (PatentPak, NCI Global, and upgraded CHEMCATS) while sustained financial performance continues to support ACS initiatives.     

  • PatentPak is a robust, new patent workflow solution available in SciFinder. Designed to radically reduce time spent acquiring and searching through multiple patents to find vital chemistry, PatentPak saves users up to half the time they spend researching patents by providing instant access to hard-to-find chemistry in patents and patent families in languages users know.
  • NCI Global, an online regulatory solution, provides access to inventories and regulatory information essential for any organization that manufactures, imports, exports, or transports chemicals. With inventories and regulatory lists organized by country, users get right to the information they need.
  • CHEMCATS (Chemical Catalogs) is a catalog database containing information about commercially available chemicals and worldwide suppliers. CHEMCATS is updated at least two times per week with new and revised catalog information. New opportunities for CHEMCAT suppliers (e.g., displaying company logo, and featured listings) are now available.

Committee members were pleased to learn that development on new technology platforms for the CAS flagship products, SciFinder and STN continues, with another release of STN launched in August, and completion of the product roadmap, along with defined product capabilities for revitalizing SciFinder. In addition, CAS assigned the 100 millionth CAS Registry Number to a substance designed to treat Acute Myeloid Leukemia, in the 50th anniversary year of the CAS REGISTRY, the world’s largest database of unique chemical substances.

A preview demo of ImageMethodsNow delighted committee members. This new solution for analytical scientists, coming later in 2015, provides access to the largest collection of methods and will save researchers time, making method selection and optimization simple and efficient. 

CCAS held a lively discussion and gave CAS management useful input on a range of topics and issues, including new product concepts. CCAS continues in its important role as a conduit of information between Society members, the ACS Governing Board for Publishing, and CAS management, providing valuable feedback on current and future initiatives. 

Grace Baysinger, Chair, Joint Board-Council Committee on CAS

Imageand Beyond

Have you ever struggled to figure out what the journal abbreviations “C.R.” or “A.” mean? If so, help is now available.

Beyond CASSI” is a newly released document that contains short journal title abbreviations from the early chemical literature, and other historical reference sources that may not be listed in the print version of CAS Source Index (CASSI), or the free online CASSI Search Tool.

Many thanks to Marion Peters, UCLA Chemistry Librarian Emeritus, for compiling this list of old abbreviations and for working with Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) to make this document available on the CASSI Search Tool website (see “About” section).

Other enhancements recently implemented by CAS to the CASSI Search Tool include:

  • Increased maximum number of results displayed from 50 to 100
  • Increased frequency of data updates from annually to quarterly.

Hopefully, these enhancements will enable you to identify and confirm journal titles and abbreviations more quickly. As always, CAS appreciates your feedback and welcomes any additional input you would like to share via the in-product "Contact Us" button.