CINF Communications and Publications Committee

The CINF Communications and Publications Committee held a virtual meeting at the end of July, and followed up with an in-person meeting related to the CINF website at the ACS meeting in Boston.

Our committee includes: Svetla Baykoucheva, Bob Buntrock, Stuart Chalk, Judith Currano, Graham Douglas, Belinda Hurley, Erja Kajosalo, Svetlana Korolev, Bonnie Lawlor, Dave Martinsen, Patti McCall, Carmen Nitsche, Vin Scalfani, David Shobe, Teri Vogel, and ex officio Rachelle Bienstock, CINF Chair, and Donna Wrublewski, Membership Chair.

If one word could be used to summarize the current status of the Committee it is transition. Patti McCall, Webmaster, and Erja Kajosalo, Assistant Webmaster, have done a great job in keeping our website up to date, and we thank them both. As Erja looks for other opportunities within and outside CINF, Patti will continue as Webmaster, and Stuart Chalk will take over as Assistant Webmaster. The CINF website has experienced some infrastructure problems, and so we are looking for a new solution. A small team will evaluate several options and make a recommendation to the Executive Committee. Be on the lookout for an updated website early next year (hopefully).

Belinda Hurley and Carmen Nitsche have done a wonderful job planning and hosting the CINF Webinar Series. They have brought us perspectives from a variety of people who would not normally be seen at an ACS meeting, with two very different looks at altmetrics, an overview of CHORUS, and thoughts on Net Neutrality. One more webinar with John Regazzi speaking on “Infonomics and the Business of Free” is scheduled on September 30 this year. After two years of managing the webinars, both coordinators feel the need to turn over the responsibility in order to bring a fresh perspective to the program.

NEEDED: We are looking for two volunteers to take over that task. Access to a webinar platform, such as AdobeConnect or GoToMeeting, would be helpful.

The CIB has been produced through the efforts of our two editors, Svetlana Korolev (editor of issues 2 and 4) and Vin Scalfani (editor of issues 1 and 3), and their assistant editors, Teri Vogel and David Shobe. With the previous issue, we decided to release the initial ASAP version in PDF of the bulletin as soon as it was ready for publication, rather than wait for the Webmaster to convert the entire issue to HTML. Since the HTML version usually results in some additional corrections, a final PDF version will be released after the HTML version has been completed. This is most critical on issues 1 and 3, which contain the CINF Technical Program.

A special thanks to Svetlana, who has been working on the CIB for 6 years, and has requested to step down after this issue. We are grateful for her efforts for so many years. We welcome Judith Currano, who has agreed to join a team of editors. Together they will work out how to divide and conquer the 2016 issues of the Bulletin.

Finally, my own term as Chair of the committee will end at the end of 2015. It has been a pleasure to work with such a wonderful group of people: hard working, enthusiastic, and willing to try new things, and step in for new tasks. Graham Douglas, who has been Assistant Chair, will be taking over as Chair in 2016, and I wish him the best in that new role.

David Martinsen, Chair, CINF Communications and Publications Committee