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Grace Baysinger
Rachelle Bienstock
Bob Buntrock
Christine Casey
Susan Cardinal
Stuart Chalk
Debra Davis
Erin Davis
David Evans
Guenter Grethe
Philip Heller
Svetlana Korolev
Bonnie Lawlor
Ye Li
Daniel Lowe           
David Martinsen
Leah McEwen       
Steffen Pauly         
Sue Peffer
Steven Rosenthal
David Shobe
Keith Taylor
William Town
Andrea Twiss-Brooks
Wendy Warr
Erin Wiringi

Editing & Production

Svetlana Korolev
Bonnie Lawlor
Patti McCall
David Shobe
Wendy Warr

A CINF directory including mail addresses, fax and phone numbers of the Executive Committee, Committee Chairs, Divisional Representatives, and other Functionaries is at the CINF website.