Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the most comprehensive post-conference issue of Chemical Information Bulletin (CIB). At almost a hundred pages, this compilation reflects on the largest ever CINF technical program (180 presentations) involving many divisional activities for education, career guidance, collaboration and outreach, social events, and award ceremonies. Furthermore, this proceedings was made possible by the exceptional voluntary efforts of the CIB authors (35 article submissions).

It is like no other time in our history for CINF, echoing with the ACS meeting theme, “Innovation: from Discovery to Application,” through its innovative programming, peaking at a high honor with the 2015 ChemLuminary Award for the iRAMP Chemical Safety Information Project (http://www.irampp.org), jointly funded by CINF and the Division of Chemical Health & Safety. At the Boston national meeting a full-day symposium explored progress on the iRAMP project (presentation slides). Earlier in the summer a Bi-Society Symposium on Laboratory Safety Information was jointly organized by CINF and the Chemistry Division of Special Libraries Association (report in this issue of the CIB). Many thanks to Leah McEwen, Ye Li, and their collaborators in other divisions for moving forward their innovative ideas and making their applications recognized by ACS!

Keep reading this CIB to learn news of other CINF innovative programs as well as to ponder over an interesting interpretation of the meeting theme in the Editors’ Corner. 

This year we continue celebrating “golden” anniversaries with a feature article of the Chemical Structure Association Trust history, kindly written by Bonnie Lawlor in collaboration with trustees. You will also find a few topical continuations from previous issues such as a write-up of the symposium “Scientific Integrity: Can We Rely on the Published Scientific Literature?” by Bill Town, a review of a hot-of-the-press book “Data Management for Researchers” by Bob Buntrock (an interview with the book author Kristin Briney), an insight into the Merck Index Online by Mark Archibald (an interview with Maryadele O’Neil), and an overview of “Another Committee” by Jeremy Garritano. This issue continues celebrating the Herman Skolnik Award with a remarkable story of the symposium honoring Jürgen Bajorath skillfully written by Wendy Warr.

Overall, thanks to Erin Davis for “cat herding” (to quote her interview) as Program Chair 2013-15 plus spring 2016, and congratulations for her stepping up as CINF Chair-Elect. In this context, let me report this year’s CINF election results: 2016 Chair-Elect: Erin Davis; 2016-17 Secretary: Na (Tina) Qin; 2016-18 Councilor: Bonnie Lawlor; 2016-18 Alternate Councilor: Carmen Nitsche; 2016 Councilor: Svetlana Korolev; 2016 Alternate Councilor: Jeremy Garritano. The incoming 2016-17 Program Chair is Elsa Alvaro (member profile).   

In closing, I would like to thank all authors for submitting their symposium write-ups, committee reports, feature articles, and sponsor announcements. Special thanks to Bonnie Lawlor, David Shobe, and Wendy Warr. See the Boston photos at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cinf/sets.

I hope you enjoy reading this Bulletin and start rolling up your sleeves for “Computers in Chemistry.”

Svetlana Korolev, Editor, Chemical Information Bulletin