Letter from the Editor

Thank you for reading the ACS Chemical Information Bulletin (CIB). I always enjoy editing and typesetting the CIB. I find the process enjoyable because the CIB is an important contribution to the chemical information world.  Moreover, I frequently learn something new with typography and the desktop publishing software I use, Adobe InDesign. For example, in this issue, I added a linked table of contents. You can now skip directly to the section of interest by clicking on the chapter name. It is a small addition, but should make navigating the PDF version of the CIB easier and more efficient. I still have on my list of goals for the CINF Communications and Publications Committee to create an EPUB version of the CIB. I will hopefully have some news regarding this in the near future.

I am very excited to release this issue of the CIB. In addition to the core sections of the CIB, we have two book reviews by our expert book reviewer, Bob Buntrock. He reviewed Svetla Baykoucheva’s Managing Scientific Information and Research Data and 100 Chemical Myths: Misconceptions, Misunderstandings, Explanations by Lajos Kovacs et al. Bob also graciously wrote a nice tribute to the late Bob Massie. We are very thankful for all of Bob Buntrock’s contributions to the CIB!

Those familiar with the CIB will know that Svetla Baykoucheva introduced interviews into the CIB and has conducted numerous interviews with researchers, information specialists, and librarians since 2006 (http://www.acscinf.org/content/interviews). These interviews have become an integral component of the CIB. More recently, Svetlana Korolev has contributed excellent interviews as well. For this issue, I interviewed Svetla Baykoucheva and Kitty Porter. I think you will enjoy these interviews! It was a pleasure and honor to be able to contribute to the interviews section.

Lastly, thanks to our sponsors and everyone who contributed to this issue of the CIB! Now, that the Bulletin is finished, I should get working on my ACS talk. See you in Boston.

Vincent F. Scalfani, Editor
The University of Alabama