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Thieme Chemistry is pleased to announce that Pharmaceutical Substances version 3.8 will be launched in May 2015. The new release will contain 31 new active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), which have been approved recently by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and/or the European Medicines Agency.

Professor Bernhard Kutscher, one of the Pharmaceutical Substances authors, said about the release: “After a record-setting year of new drug approvals in 2014, the FDA’s expedited evaluation process, which allows so-called breakthrough therapies to enter the market more quickly, is now also reflected in our compendia update.

The latest release includes many first-in-class drug products that have innovative mechanisms of action as well as anticipated blockbuster potential. Among them is the Novartis anticancer drug and ALK inhibitor Ceritinib, which went from its first clinical trials to market in less than three years! In addition, Pfizer (CDK4/6 inhibitor Palbociclib), AstraZeneca (PARP inihibitor Olaparib) and Gilead Sciences (PI3K delta inhibitor Idelalisib) launched promising new kinase inhibitors as cancer therapeutics. The update also includes Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Belinostat (Pan-HDAC inhibitor) and Roche’s Ado-Trastuzumab Emtansine (antibody-drug conjugate) oncology drugs.

Breakthrough therapy designation was also received by two new treatments against a challenging indication called Idiopathic Cystic Fibrosis (IPF), by Boehringer’s Nintedanib and Roche’s Pirfenidone.

Certainly, tremendous progress was also achieved by more efficacious HCV/HIV therapy antivirals: A fixed combination of blockbuster Sofosbuvir with the new NS5A/polymerase inhibitor Ledipasvir is forecasted to have peak sales of $12 billion. The combination is the first all-oral treatment against HCV infections. Furthermore, the update’s infectious disease treatment additions are Daclatasvir, Cobicistat and Elvitegravir, as well as antibiotics like Tedizolid and the injectable neuraminidase inhibitor Peramivir against influenza.

Additionally, you will find many more new entries such as Apremilast (treatment of active psoriatic arthritis) or Olodaterol (treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) in this latest release.”

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Details about Pharmaceutical Substances 3.8 will become available online in May 2015.