CINF Social Networking Events

The Division of Chemical Information put together a great set of social events for the spring meeting in Denver starting with the Welcoming Reception on Sunday. The reception was attended by over 120 members and guests. It was great to see everybody mingling and having a good time, helped along by a lovely selection of food and drinks. (It was less great when a table collapsed). The Division is grateful to the sponsors for this event: Bio-Rad, Springer/Journal of Cheminformatics, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, PerkinElmer, AAAS/Science, CRC Press, and Thieme Chemistry. 

Monday’s event was the ever-popular Harry’s Party, sponsored exclusively by ACS Publications. They arranged a beautiful suite close to the conference center with an excellent assortment of healthy snacks and drinks. Approximately 75 members and friends attended this event. Thanks go out to Yung Murphy for welcoming all of us.

Tuesday featured the Division of Chemical Information Luncheon, exclusively sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry. This event sold out once again with capacity at 65. A great lunch was provided and was accompanied by a very entertaining talk by our invited speaker, David Thomas, who spoke about “19th and 20th Century Malting and Brewing.”

As always, many thanks to our Division colleagues, Michael Qiu, Leah McEwen, and Rachelle Bienstock, who put in time and effort making room arrangements and menu orders, and arranging for speakers for our social events. And, of course, we all greatly appreciate our generous sponsors, without whom we would not have been able to put on such a great line-up of events in Denver.

We are planning more events for the fall 2015 meeting and look forward to seeing all of you there.

Philip Heller, Chair, CINF Fundraising Committee