Joint Board-Council Committee on CAS

The Joint Board-Council Committee on Chemical Abstracts Service (also known as CCAS) met twice in 2014 and met again at the Spring National Meeting in Denver. The committee consists of members from academia, industry, and government, and continues to fulfill its charter by serving as a channel for the flow of information among CAS management, ACS members, and users of CAS products and services. Committee members provide important feedback, suggestions, and questions regarding CAS products and services.

At both 2014 meetings, CAS management provided the committee with an overview of financial performance as well as product and service news. At the fall meeting in San Francisco, committee members learned that the CAS databases continue to grow at record pace: CAS exceeded 400 million cited references and by year-end more than 1.5 million indexed records were forecasted to be added to the CA/CAplus family of databases. As of March 2015, CAplus contains over 436 million cited references and more than 41 million chemistry and chemistry-related research records.

SciFinder continues to evolve with new initiatives providing workflow advancements and increased global availability. CAS and PerkinElmer collaborated to provide a new research solution, pairing SciFinder, the choice for chemistry research, with ChemDraw software, the drawing tool of choice for chemists. This collaboration allows users to draw a structure using the ChemBioDraw Ultra 14 offering, and then initiate a SciFinder session to search the structure. Researchers can now save considerable time when using both products and this feature has been overwhelmingly popular.

ImageCommittee members enjoyed unique reports during the 2014 executive sessions covering specific areas of CAS’s services. At the fall meeting, the group explored initiatives for CAS to introduce new content and leverage new uses of existing content. Exciting new concepts were shared with members, eliciting their feedback and suggestions. Committee members were pleased to learn about NCI Global, a new service released in early 2015, which provides modern web access to regulatory information, with weekly email alerts to track substances of interest and functionality to export results for further post-processing.

The SciFinder Future Leaders in Chemistry program celebrated its fifth year in 2014 with 18 students selected from nearly 400 applicants participating from around the world. This program provides students and post doctorates with the exclusive opportunity to share their research experience with CAS scientists and each other, and to take part in the Fall ACS National Meeting. To date, the program has hosted more than 85 students and post doctorates from 50 countries.

I am pleased to report that the Committee on Chemical Abstracts Service continues to fulfill its responsibilities in a purposeful manner. We look forward to hearing from ACS members and all CAS users through the ACS Member Network. If you were unable to stop by the CAS booth at the Colorado Convention Center, I encourage you to visit the CAS website ( to learn more about the numerous exciting initiatives underway at CAS.

Grace Baysinger, Chair, Joint Board-Council Committee on CAS