CINF Education Committee

The CINF Education Committee met on Saturday, March 21, 2015, from 1-3 pm in Denver, CO.

Attendees: Grace Baysinger (Chair); Chuck Huber, Ye Li (Consultant), Adrienne Kozlowski (Consultant), Teri Vogel, and Donna Wrublewski (Consultant).
Absent: Christina Keil (Consultant), Marion Peters (Consultant), and Martin Walker.

Committee Membership: Martin Walker is a new member of the Education Committee. Christina Keil, Adrienne Kozlowski, Ye Li, Marion Peters, and Donna Wrublewski are interested in remaining on the committee in 2015 as consultants. Efforts are underway to recruit 2-3 more members.

Symposium: A full day symposium called “Chemical Information Skills: The Essential Toolkit for Chemical Research” has been jointly organized by CINF and the CSA Trust for the ACS Fall National Meeting in Boston. Dr. Jonathan Goodman and Grace Baysinger are co-organizers for this session. Sixteen speakers will give 20-minute presentations. CHED, COMP, PROF, and YCC have also agreed to be nominal sponsors for this symposium.

Chemical Information Sources Wikibook: The Education Committee has assumed responsibility for managing the Chemical Information Sources Wikibook. Chuck Huber has agreed to serve as Editor-in-Chief for three years. Martin Walker has agreed to serve as Technical Editor. (See the next article).

Information Skills for Successful Graduate Students: The Committee needs to finish drafting this document and post for comments by librarians and instructors. Efforts are underway by ACS to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for the Chemical Sciences. Ideally, information skills would be incorporated into this document or be an appendix to it. Because the ACS Presidential Commission on Graduate Education in Chemistry Report (PDF) has recommended and NIH-grant funded research now requires graduate students and postdocs to have IDPs. Aligning with these efforts provides an opportunity for faster adoption than might be possible with a stand-alone document. For more details about information needs, please also see the 2013 ACS Graduate Student Survey (PDF). (For your information, Stanford is now requiring all postdocs to have an IDP. Stanford Biosciences has 3 IDPs for grad students and postdocs: 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd-5th year. The 1st IDP year focuses on mentoring, the 2nd year one on skill-building, and the one for years 3-5 on skill-building and career development.)

CPT Guidelines for Undergraduates in Chemistry: Undergraduate Professional Education in Chemistry: 2015 Guidelines and Evaluation Procedures for Bachelor's Degree Programs (PDF) was approved by the ACS Committee on Professional Training. The section on information skills has changed so the ACS CINF/SLA Chemistry Division document called Information Competencies for Undergraduates will need to be updated. For a list of key resources, please see CINF’s Chemical Information Literacy page.

Training Calendar: Efforts will be initiated to create a calendar that contains webinars and other presentations aimed at helping users gain expertise in using chemical information resources.  Information providers will be asked to help support this effort. 

Contact us: To facilitate communication with the CINF Education Committee, a listserv was set up.

It is:

Grace Baysinger, Chair, CINF Education Committee