Message from the Chair


The Denver meeting began with clear Rocky Mountain skies and ended with a surprise spring snowfall on Wednesday. Although there was a small program for CINF than usual, the sessions were well attended and received. Our program included five symposia: “Getting to the Best Reaction: Tools for Finding a Needle in a Haystack,” “Defining Value in Scholarly Communications,” “Research Results: Reproducibility, Reporting, Sharing and Plagiarism,” “Molecular and Structural 2D and 3D Chemical Fingerprinting,” and “Development and Use of Data Format Standards for Cheminformatics.”

In Denver, we had a luscious Welcoming Reception on Sunday evening, thanks to our sponsors: BioRad, PerkinElmer, AAAS/Science, CRC Press, Journal of Chemical Information & Modeling, Springer/Journal of Cheminformatics, and Thieme Chemistry. On Monday evening, we had a friendly Harry’s Party (sponsored exclusively by ACS Publications) in a spacious suite that was much less crowded than usual.

As Colorado, and the Denver and Boulder areas in particular, are known for their microbreweries, our luncheon, sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry, featured an interesting presentation by David Thomas on “19th and 21st Century Malting and Brewing.” Dave, brewer emeritus, Dostal Alley Brewpub, Century City, Colorado, retired Coors brew master, and author of “Of Mines and Beer!: A History of Brewing in Colorado and Beyond” and “The Craft Maltster’s Handbook,” presented a complete history of malting and brewing in the Colorado area.

I want to congratulate Bonnie Lawlor, as the recipient of the CINF Lifetime Award, a well-deserved honor in recognition of Bonnie’s many years of active and engaged service to the Division. Bonnie served as an editor of Chemical Information Bulletin, CINF Secretary, and CINF Chair, and is currently an ACS Councilor representing CINF. We hope she will continue to be a valued member of the CINF community. Congratulations, Bonnie!

We are really looking forward to the Boston CINF program with many unique and special additions. We will be having a Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon Workshop (cosponsored with the ACS Office of Public Affairs, National Historic Chemical Landmarks Program) in conjunction with a CINF symposium “Wikipedia and Chemistry: Collaborations in Science and Education.” On Sunday morning, CINF will be co-sponsoring “Careers in Chemical Information and Cheminformatics Panel Discussion & Brunch,” along with the ACS Education Offices for Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Scholars and for Undergraduate Programs, and the ACS Division of Chemical Education (CHED).

Congratulations to our 2015 Herman Skolnik Award recipient, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bajorath, Chair of Life Science Informatics, University of Bonn. Professor Bajorath is a recognized world-renowned researcher in the area of structure-activity relationships, cheminformatics, compound data mining, and computational chemistry methods. He is an author of far too many articles and books to enumerate, co-inventor on 25 issued pharmaceutical patents, a member of many editorial and scientific advisory boards, and an editor of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. I hope you will be able to join us at the Fall ACS meeting in Boston for the Herman Skolnik Symposium, both to honor Jürgen Bajorath and to hear a set of outstanding talks by his collaborators and colleagues over the years.

I am looking forward to meeting you personally at one of our CINF programs at the Boston meeting. If we have not met, please introduce yourself!  If you are unable to attend the national meetings, please remember to join the list server to learn about informative CINF webinars and other valuable resources, including educational tools in chemical information and cheminformatics that you can access from our website

We always have volunteer opportunities available, so if you are interested in becoming more involved in CINF activities and helping us to shape our Division for the future, please let me know (

Rachelle Bienstock, Chair, ACS Division of Chemical Information

                           Upcoming Inter-Society Meetings




The 2015 Bi-Society Symposium on Laboratory Safety Information

will take place at the SLA Annual Conference in Boston, MA, on Monday, June 15, 2015

Current Topics in Chemical Safety Information

Ye Li, Amanda Schoen, Leah McEwen, Judith Currano


The 2015 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (Pacifichem)

will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, December 15-20, 2015

The Evolving Nature of Scholarly Communication: Connecting Scholars with Each Other and with Society (#173)

Jennifer Maclachlan, Antony Williams, Kazuhiro Hayashi, David Martinsen, Brenna Arlyce Brown

The Increasing Influence of Openness in the Domain of Chemistry (#325)

Antony Williams, David Wishart, Minoru Kanehisa, Leah McEwen

Policies and Procedures Regarding Primary Research Data (#335)

David Martinsen, Kazuhiro Hayashi, Nico Adams