Letter from the Editor

Thank you for reading this issue of the ACS Chemical Information Bulletin (CIB). I would first like to thank all of the contributors for their time and effort in writing great articles for the CIB. We have a variety of feature articles in this issue. In the book review column, Bob Buntrock reviews Computational Organic Chemistry, 2nd edition (Bachrach, S.M.) and Patti McCall reviewed The Future of Chemical Information (Eds. McEwen, L.R. and Buntrock, R.E.). We included two wonderful tributes to the late Paul von Ragué Schleyer and Frank H. Allen. Bob Buntrock provided a captivating story of his interactions with Schleyer as a student at Princeton University. And Wendy Warr contributed a report of the CINF Herman Skolnik Award Symposium awarded to Frank H. Allen in 2003. I hope you enjoy these tributes as much as I did and it brings you some joy in an otherwise sad event. Lastly, in this spring 2015 issue of the CIB, Donna Wrublewski continues her new member profile column with CINF member Martin Walker.

I won’t be able to make it to the ACS meeting in Denver this spring, but I just submitted my abstract for the Fall ACS meeting in Boston. I’ll see y’all in the fall. In the meantime, I’m always looking for interesting content to include into the CIB, so if you have any ideas, please get in touch with me.


Vincent F. Scalfani, Editor
The University of Alabama