Letter from the Editor

ImageThis is the second issue of e-CIB since its transition from the former CINF E-News in 2010, as well as the second issue under my editorship. Traditionally, CINF E-News has contained reports from ACS national meetings. With this issue I wished for the expanding of the technical program coverage by featuring three CINF notable symposiums from the 2010 Fall ACS National Meeting. I was honored to receive generous contributions from all the authors whom I had contacted. The readers can now be engaged with captivating reports written by Wendy Warr of the 50th Anniversary Symposium of the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, Emilio Exposito of the 2010 Herman Skolnik Award Symposium honoring Anton Hopfinger, and Leah Solla of Assessing Collections and Information Resources in Science and Technology, a joint effort between two societies.

In addition to three symposium highlights, the technical program section has my first interview with Rajarshi Guha, CINF Program Chair 2009-2010. The interviews conducted by Svetla Baykoucheva, CIB Editor 2005-2010, have become such an integral and welcome addition to Chemical Information Bulletin, so that I hope to continue a tradition of including interviews in e-CIB. With Svetla’s consent for this interview I have asked Rajarshi about his experience of the division programming. Readers will find Rajarshi’s reflections continue a sequence of behind the stage perspectives of the former CINF Program Chair Leah Solla available at the CINF website.

The technical section concludes with news from the ACS Multidisciplinary Programming Planning Group chaired by Guenter Grethe. Our Division is blessed to have such an active member as Guenter. Among his numerous endeavors is overseeing of the CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence since its establishment in 2005. The Division received a record number of student poster presentations this year. Three scholarship winners from the Boston meeting are featured in this issue. You can find a few audio and slide presentations from three CINF symposiums: Data Intensive Drug Design (6 audio: 2 with slides), The Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 50th Anniversary Symposium (7 audio: 6 with slides), The Emerging Concepts of Activity Landscapes and Activity Cliffs and Their Role in Drug Research (2 audio: 1 with slides) in the ACS Fall Meeting recorded content. Twenty four slide presentations will be posted at the CINF website.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all who submitted materials for this issue. It contains an announcement of the 2011 recipient of the prestigious Herman Skolnik Award, two new entries on ACS Network and Committee on Chemical Abstracts Service, and many more highlights of the Fall 2010 ACS National Meeting. My thanks especially to Gregory Banik, Bonnie Lawlor and Wendy Warr for taking photos at the meeting (which are posted at flickr and used throughout the bulletin), to Mark Luchetti for cover design, and to Bonnie Lawlor and Wendy Warr for proofreading this issue. Dave Martinsen will be a “guest” editor of the next e-CIB before the 2011 Spring ACS National Meeting in Anaheim, and then I will do a post conference issue. We would be pleased to hear from Division members with any thoughts you may have for future content

Svetlana Korolev, Editor, Chemical Information Bulletin