Letter from the Editor

ImageGreetings! I believe that the Chemical Information Bulletin has succeeded since 2010 in its favorable and seamless transition from its print publication into e-CIB. David Martinsen did a skillful conversion of the CINF technical program listing from an ACS host to the 2011 spring issue of e-CIB. Certainly, the transition was fluent for the summer and winter issues, which are delivered in an electronic format like the former CINF E-News. Based on positive comments on the past issues, I continued with extending invitations to symposium organizers, committee chairs and division representatives for their valuable insights of the conference engagements. I was honored to receive many submissions, so that the readers can now peruse post-meeting reflections on the high-quality programming, collaboration, and recognition of excellence.

The Technical Program section begins with highlights from the Anaheim meeting by a new Program Chair, Rachelle Bienstock. Then it dives into a noteworthy symposium organized by Martin Walker honoring fifty years of contributions by Professor Emeritus James Hendrickson (Brandeis University) in using computers for cheminformatics and organic chemistry, and an attention-grabbing two-day symposium Chemistry and Internet: Social Networking by Steven Bachrach. Recorded content from two CINF symposiums, Internet and Chemistry: Social Networking (13 presentations), and Natural Products and Drug Discovery: Cheminformatics and Computational Chemistry (7 presentations), will be freely available to the public at the ACS Learning Center after May 2, 2011. The section concludes with news from the Multidisciplinary Programming Planning Group by Guenter Grethe.

The Reports section brings together a breakthrough "InChI story" by Carmen Nitsche, a call for submissions to the XCITR (Explore Chemical Information Teaching Resources) repository by Guenter Grether, and disturbing updates on the CINF membership continuous decline, not yet reflecting the exceptionally successful ACS membership recruitment efforts in 2010, reporting the official ACS membership number for 2011 at 163,111 – the highest number since 2003 (see the Council report in this section). Then, it goes on with a welcome summary of the executive meeting of the Council Committee on Terminology and Symbols by Peter Rusch, and a flash from the CINF social networking events by Graham Douglas.

Three student scholarship winners, Elsa Alvaro (Lucille Wert Scholarship), and Scott Johnson and Matt Kayala (Scholarship for Scientific Excellence), were announced at the 2011 spring meeting.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all who wrote articles for this issue. Many thanks to Mark Luchetti for designing the cover page, to Bonnie Lawlor and Wendy Warr for proofreading this issue, and to Alex Allardyce, Bonnie Lawlor, Carmen Nitsche, and Wendy Warr for taking photographs at the Anaheim meeting. All photos looked exceptionally good to me, so that I referred the readers to the entire collection.

Judith Currano will be a "guest" editor of the next issue before the 2011 Fall ACS National Meeting in Denver, CO.

Svetlana Korolev, Editor, Chemical Information Bulletin