Message From the Chair

This is my first chance to address you as chair in the Chemical Information Bulletin.

I hope that I will personally have the opportunity to meet each of you during my term as CINF chair. I would like to extend a thanks to my predecessor, Judith Currano, for serving our division so well as chair over the past year, and to extend hearty congratulations to her and her husband Peter, on the birth of their second son, Bill. Also congratulations to Edward on becoming a big brother! Hopefully we will see the family—now with two little boys—at our future meetings!


We are all looking forward to the upcoming spring meeting in Denver.  I want to thank some of our newer members for stepping up, and for so quickly becoming such active participants in our division: Michael Qiu for all his assistance working with ACS in arranging rooms and refreshments for our meetings and social events for the upcoming Denver meeting, and Donna Wrublewski for agreeing to serve as our membership committee chair. She has already been working hard on putting together a new membership brochure. We welcome the participation of new members and there are always opportunities available, from assisting with meeting logistics, to technical programming suggestions and symposium chairing, to membership and fundraising.  Don’t hesitate to email me or any of the other CINF board members if you have an interest, or if you are in Denver early on Saturday prior to the start of the national meeting, please contact me about attending some of our open planning sessions.

I guess you can think of the Denver program as “Small Is Beautiful.”  While the CINF program is a little smaller, in terms of numbers of papers, than usual at national meetings, it is rich in quality. You can look forward to sessions on:

Research Results Reproducibility, Reporting, Sharing & Plagiarism         

Molecular & Structural 2D & 3D Chemical Fingerprinting Computational Storing Searching & Comparing Molecular & Chemical Structures 

Getting to the Best Reaction Tools for Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Development & Use of Data Format Standards for Cheminformatics      

Defining Value in Scholarly Communications: Evolving Ways of Evaluating Impact on Science

Aside from the technical program please remember our Welcoming Reception on Sunday evening, and Harry’s Party on Monday evening. Also, I hope you will join us for our interesting luncheon speaker on Tuesday: David Thomas, (Of Mines & Beer! 150+ Years of Brewing in Colorado and The Craft Maltsters’ Handbook), who will speak on 19th & 21st century malting and brewing. I am sure he will share information with us on who brews the best beer in town!  Please purchase tickets in advance through the ACS website or see me for tickets, or just email me and let me know you are coming and I will save a ticket for you at the door. If you are a first time attendee to a CINF event in Denver, please make sure to come up and introduce yourself to me. 

Also please note that the program for the Fall Boston meeting is already online Please submit those abstracts by the March deadline!

We welcome suggestions on ways to improve our programming and make our division membership more beneficial for you.  We are always looking for committee members and those would like to be more involved and engaged.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me or other CINF officers if you have any suggestions for programming, webinars, or other ways CINF could offer something more to you as a member. 

I am looking forward to meeting you and hope to see you at a CINF social and/or technical event in Denver!

Rachelle Bienstock,
Chair, ACS Division of Chemical Information