Joint Board-Council Committee on CAS

The Committee (CCAS) met in Executive Session on August 8, 2014, engaging with CAS management in a lively discussion on a number of recent developments that provide researchers with access to the most comprehensive, authoritative scientific content and enhance their workflows and productivity.
 The CAS databases now contain more than 400 million cited references included for journals, conference proceedings and basic patents from the USPTO, EPO and German patent offices (1997 to the present).

One-click access to SciFinder is now available to customers from ChemDraw, providing scientists with a highly sought after shared research solution.

The new non-Java CAS structure editor continues to be updated and is approaching full functionality.
Ongoing content and functionality enhancements to new STN continue to drive increased engagement and usage.

Global patent coverage was expanded with the launch of full-text content from Korea, Australia and the United Kingdom.

New STN Global Value Pricing provides unlimited access for customers of all sizes at a fixed price while maximizing the value and power of STN.

CCAS continues its role as a conduit of information between Society members (and users of CAS services), the ACS Governing Board for Publishing and CAS management, providing CAS management with valuable and enthusiastic feedback on current and future initiatives throughout the discussions in San Francisco. For example, as a result of feedback, CAS will be conducting user research to understand the value of the CASSI Search Tool to help evaluate enhancement requests such as adding old, very short journal abbreviations.

Grace Baysinger, Chair, Joint Board-Council Committee on CAS

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