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The theme of the 248th ACS National Meeting in San Francisco, August 10-14, 2014 was “Chemistry and Global Stewardship.” Our CINF division participated with a theme-related full-day symposium:  “Nature’s Second Act: Revisiting Natural Products.”

The formal Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group (MPPG) meeting was held late Saturday afternoon, August 9, at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. Lisa Houston welcomed all MPPG participants; division representatives introduced themselves; Richard Love was recognized for his years of service to MPPG as Staff Liaison; and the Dallas General Meeting minutes were reviewed and approved. Dan Daly was elected 2016 MPPG Chair and Christine McInnis was elected 2015-2017 MPPG at-Large Representative. Thematic program chairs gave their reports.

Robin Rogers from the University of Alabama, program chair for the San Francisco meeting, summarized the plenary speakers, and the subthemes of the San Francisco thematic program, and mentioned a few notable division events such as the 100th Anniversary of the ACS ENVR Division and its multiple symposia in San Francisco. He ended with a recommendation that future theme organizers be aware of subthemes and other competing programming.

Thematic program chair for the upcoming 2015 Spring ACS National Meeting in Denver, Robert Weber from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, updated MPPG on the Denver theme: Chemistry of Natural Resources. Plenary speakers have been chosen:

  • Peter Kareiva, Santa Clara University and Chief Scientist for the Nature Conservancy
  • Dr. Paul Bryan, formerly VP at Chevron and formerly manager of the biomass program at the US DOE
  • Dr. Carolyn Koh, Department of Chemical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines.

The Fred Kavli Innovations in Chemistry lecture will be given by Dr. Laura Kiessling from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Kavli Foundation Emerging Leader in Chemistry lecture has yet to be determined.

The theme for fall 2015, Boston, is Innovation from Discovery to Application. Thematic program chair, Rick Wagner from the University of Michigan, was not able to attend, but submitted his report. Plenary speakers will be:

  • Paula Hammond, MIT
  • Peter Schultz, Scripps Research Institute
  • Karen Wooley, Texas A&M

The Fred Kavli Innovations in Chemistry lecture will be given by Dr. George Whitesides from Harvard.  The Kavli Foundation Emerging Leader in Chemistry lecture has yet to be determined.

The theme for spring 2016, San Diego, is Computers in Chemistry. Thematic program chair, Kenneth Merz from Michigan State University, updated MPPG on progress so far. Modeling will be the broad theme of the meeting with subthemes on computer-aided drug design, big data, nanomaterials with a focus on energy and sustainability, and multiscale modeling.

The theme for fall 2016, Philadelphia, is Chemistry of the People. Thematic program chair, Rudy Baum, retired Editor-in-Chief of C&EN, is just getting started and asked that anyone interested in contributing or helping to organize get in touch with him.

Spring 2017, San Francisco
Theme: Advanced Materials, Technologies, Systems and Processes
Thematic Program Chair: TBD

Fall 2017, Washington, DC
Theme: Chemistry’s Impact on the Global Economy
Thematic Program Chair: TBD

The MPPG meeting ended with a general discussion and vote on themes for 2018 and beyond. The following were approved by the MPPG General Representatives and will be sent to the Divisions for confirmation.

Spring 2018, New Orleans
Theme: Energy Solutions and the Environment (To Be Confirmed)
Thematic Program Chair: TBD

Fall 2018, Boston
Theme: Chemistry – From Bench to Market (To Be Confirmed)
Thematic Program Chair: TBD

Spring 2019, Orlando
Theme: Chemistry for New Frontiers (To Be Confirmed)
Thematic Program Chair: TBD

Roger Schenck, CINF Representative on MPPG


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Abstract submission for CINF symposia for Denver meeting deadline:               October 17, 2014