CINF Technical Program Highlights

ImageThanks to everyone for attending ACS San Francisco and helping make it one of CINF’s BIGGEST meetings yet!

We had about 130 talks, 20 Sci-Mix posters, 5 competitor posters for the CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence: all organized into 13 multi-tracked sessions including the Herman Skolnik Award Symposium. With San Francisco continuing the trend of high attendance, it was a very full and busy meeting.

The program was very diverse, ranging from a brand new symposium (Epidrugs) to one of our largest symposia on a classic CINF topic (Chemistry Text Mining). With the rapidly developing field, we see new technology and research presented every time we host this popular symposium.

We are very pleased to report that our symposium “Nature's Second Act: Revisiting Natural Products” was selected for ACS Presentations on Demand. This was a surprising symposium with a very diverse array of presentations, which all tied in together well to the topic. An excellent organizing job, Roger Schenck! Check out a selection of these talks at Presentations on Demand ( While you’re there, be sure to also check out CHED’s Sustain-Mix symposium, a collection of talks on sustainability across the Society from the perspectives of many divisions. CINF’s own Chair, Judith Currano, contributed an excellent presentation on the sustainability and utility of an ever expanding scholarly record. (Editor’s note: due to technical issues Judith Currano’s presentation recording is currently not available at the ACS website. To see her presentation slides, please follow this link at: /PDFs/maintaining-sustainable-scholarly-record.pdf).

The fall meeting also saw some in-depth and exciting discussions within CINF and among the attendees. The “Inspiring the Next Generation To Pursue Computational Chemistry and Cheminformatics” led to some long and interesting discussions about informatics education, as well as newfound plans for outreach across other divisions for CINF and the student body. This is something we plan to focus on for the upcoming Denver and Boston meetings. 

CINF’s regular Tuesday Luncheon had an exciting keynote address presented by Prof. Dr. Barend Mons (short bio and presentation abstract, slides) discussing an open initiative to get data into a standard and consumable format for easy searching and connecting ( This falls under a rapidly evolving area of semantic technology, a subject very important to CINF, and to electronic information in general.

Despite CINF being placed quite far from the conference center, our attendance was still high, which led to some fabulous discussions across this broad array of symposia. We are still in the process of collecting the presentation slides from speakers so that we can share them with you: check back soon for these at the CINF website (/node/621).

Thanks again to everyone who put so much work into making this San Francisco meeting a resounding success! 

Erin Bolstad, Chair, CINF Program Committee