Message from the Chair

Judith Currano

Greetings from sunny Philadelphia!

I hope that you have all had a relaxing and productive (if desired) summer. As an academic, summer time is generally a time for catching up on projects and attending to the mass of paperwork and less pleasant duties that one has been able to postpone in favor of “more pressing concerns” during the academic year.  I would like to thank the Division of Chemical Information for saving me from such a fate this summer by engaging me with preparations for the Fall National Meeting.

The CINF program was exceptional, and I would like to praise Erin Bolstad and all symposium organizers for their hard work in planning excellent symposia and recruiting interesting speakers. For those who were unable to attend the conference, I am delighted to announce that ACS chose to record one of our symposia, “Nature’s Second Act: Revisiting Natural Products,” as part of the Presentations on Demand program. The recordings are available to any ACS member at In addition, Erin is working hard to collect slides from speakers in all symposia and post them on our Web site; please stay tuned for more content as it becomes available!

The Executive Committee meeting on Saturday dealt largely with the CINF budget, as we attempt to finalize it for the 2015 year. Other business transacted at the meeting included the approval of Donna Wrublewski as the 2015-2016 CINF Membership Chair and approval of the addition of a fully paid conference registration to the Herman Skolnik Award package. The meeting adjourned prior to the committee dinner. I was sorry that more CINF members were unable to take advantage of the informal setting to learn more about the work of the CINF committees, but those who did attend enjoyed themselves, and some good information changed hands.

I am happy to congratulate the winners of the 2014 CINF elections. Rachelle Bienstock was elected Chair-Elect, Rob McFarland was re-elected Treasurer, Andrea Twiss-Brooks will continue to serve as one of our two Councilors, and Chuck Huber will be the Alternate Councilor. This year’s ballot confused many voters, since Rachelle is currently CINF’s Chair-Elect. A scan of the bylaws indicated that we have no limit to the number of times that an individual may run for an elected office.  Therefore, individuals who have already served in any office, including that of Chair, may be recommended or may put their own names forward for the nominating committee’s consideration. As Chair of the 2015 Nominating Committee, I am eager to hear your suggestions of nominees for next year’s elections; please contact me if you wish to be considered or if you want to nominate a colleague!

Awards also dominated this year’s meeting, and I am pleased once again to extend my congratulations to the 2014 Herman Skolnik Award recipient, Dr. Engelbert Zass. The Skolnik Award Symposium and reception were extremely enjoyable, with the award address giving a dynamic and enthralling dissection of a complicated chemical information problem: tracking down the true and complete story of the total syntheses of vitamin B12. I would like to take this opportunity to remind all CINF members to consider nominating a colleague for one of our awards, the requirements for which are listed on the CINF Web site at In particular, we are seeking nominations for the 2016 Herman Skolnik Award, and the CINF Meritorious Service Award, and we also encourage CINF members to suggest names of outstanding individuals who can be put forward for consideration as ACS Fellows (see

I have enjoyed this past year; serving as the Chair of the Division of Chemical Information has been one of the high-points of my career so far. I look forward to my Past-Chair year next year and hope that many of you will consider assisting the Division by agreeing to run for leadership positions and volunteer for committee and committee chair positions in the future. For now, have an excellent fall!

Judith Currano, Chair, ACS Division of Chemical Information


Mark your calendars!

Two more CINF Webinars are coming in 2014, with more details to follow at a later date at CHMINF-L.

Tuesday, October 7, 11:00 am (EDT) Pistoia Alliance (, Ramesh Durvasula

Wednesday, December 3, 11:00 am (EDT) Copyright Clearance Center (, Stephen Garfield

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