ACS Chemical Information Division (CINF)
247th ACS National Meeting, Fall 2014
San Francisco, CA (August 10 - 14, 2014)

CINF Symposia

E. Bolstad, Program Chair

S M T W T Session title
A P         Nature's Second Act: Revisiting Natural Products
A A P       Hunting for Hidden Treasures: Chemistry Text Mining in Patents and Other Documents
A         Computational Methods and the Development/Production of Biologics and Biosimilars
P         Science and the Law: How the Communication of Science Influences Science-Based Policy Development in the Environment, Food, Health, and Transport Sectors**
P A       The Impact of the IUPAC InChI on Finding and Linking Information on Chemicals**
E         CINF Scholarships for Scientific Excellence
  A P       Global Challenges in the Communication of Scientific Research
  E       Sci-Mix
    A P     The Herman Skolnik Award Symposium
      A   It Takes Two To Tango: Chemistry Librarians Partnering with Publishers and Researchers To Advance the Chemical Sciences
      A   Inspiring the Next Generation To Pursue Computational Chemistry and Cheminformatics
      P   The IUPAC Solubility Data Series: 100 Volumes of Solubility Data Online**
      P   ChemEpInformatics: In the Pursuit of Epidrugs Using Chemoinformatics and Computational Approaches
      P   Exploring the Application of New Technologies in Chemical Research and Education**
        A General Papers - Computational Chemistry and Informatics
        A P General Papers - Toolkits and Databases
S M T W T Session title
  A       Ameri-QSAR - Why Should the Europeans Have All the Fun?*(COMP)
A P A A P A P A P Drug Discovery*(COMP)
  A       Cyber Security for Small Businesses*(SCHB)


A = AM, P = PM, D = AM/PM, E = Evening
*Cosponsored symposium with primary organizer shown in parenthesis; located with primary organizer.
**Primary organizer of cosponsored symposium.

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