ACS Central Science: A New Multidisciplinary Journal Coming in 2014

Chemistry provides the fundamental connections across scientific disciplines – that’s why it’s known as the “central science.” To explore new perspectives on these links at the forefront of scientific research, ACS will launch a first-of-its-kind open access journal, ACS Central Science, later this year.

“We are excited to launch the Society’s first fully open access journal, and the first highly selective, pure open access journal to cover the breadth of chemistry in relation to other sciences, medicine, computational science, and engineering,” said Kevin Davies, VP Business Development, American Chemical Society. “ACS Central Science will offer a unique viewpoint and complement the Society’s portfolio of subscription-based journals, for those authors who seek to publish in an open access forum of distinction.”

Under the leadership of a renowned scientist and an international editorial board, ACS Central Science will publish 100 - 200 peer reviewed articles each year. Active research scientists, representative of the journal’s planned disciplinary and geographic diversity, will oversee peer review. A more detailed statement of the journal’s scope will be announced once an Editor-in-Chief is selected and an Editorial Board is appointed.

ACS Excellence magazine asked Darla Henderson, Assistant Director, Open Access Programs, American Chemical Society, a few questions about the new journal:

ACS Excellence: Are there any author charges to publish in the journal?

Darla Henderson: No, but authors who want to publish under a Creative Commons license – or who are required to do so by their funding agency, may elect to do so as an additional fee-based option.

AE: Are there any subscription fees to access content?

DH: No. All articles will be freely-available immediately upon publication and will remain free to access. Once launched, the journal will be found on the ACS Publications website.

AE: How will peer review be handled for ACS Central Science?

DH: The journal will employ the same high standards of peer review, speedy publication times, and rigorous editorial processes as exemplified by the Society’s publishing program.

AE: When will ACS Central Science begin accepting papers and when will the journal begin publishing articles?

DH: We are currently establishing a small search committee of outstanding scientists, who will lead our effort to identify the founding Editor-in-Chief. We expect that the journal will be accepting submissions before the end of the year.

This article was originally published in the spring 2014 issue of ACS Excellence (page 20).

Sara Rouhi, ACS Publications