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New ICEDIT version released


InfoChem is pleased to announce the release of ICEDIT version 3.0. This new version of InfoChem’s drawing and depicting tool offers scaling and adjusting the standard bond length in sketches. Improved display options such as transparent background and layout format definition for OLE objects have also been integrated. In addition, template structures with super-atoms and brackets are now allowed.

Click here for more information about ICEDIT and to test the JavaScript version.

Name Reaction search to be included in SPRESImobile App

spresimobile app

InfoChem is pleased to announce a new release of SPRESImobile in March 2014. The free App for iPhone and iPad is developed to perform structure and reaction searches on mobile devices and offers access to more than 500,000 reactions: a subset of the SPRESI reaction data (ChemReact). Additionally, SPRESI subscribers have access to the entire SPRESI reaction content.

Name Reaction searching has been integrated in the new App version. After registration users see a new button for name reaction searches in the reaction search form. Furthermore, all users (including those not registered) will see a new hyperlink with the Name Reaction in the reaction hit list, when named reactions are hits for a reaction search. This hyperlink allows users to retrieve all reactions assigned to the specific mechanism.

For more information about SPRESImobile please click here.

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Valentina Eigner-Pitto, InfoChem