CINF Social Networking Events

Thanks to our sponsors the Division of Chemical Information was able to host a number of excellent social networking events during the ACS Meeting in Dallas last month. CINF members and friends got to enjoy these social occasions due to the generosity of many organizations. On behalf of the Fundraising Committee I cannot express enough how much we appreciate their patronage. Without the support of our sponsors these events would not be possible.


Starting at the CINF Welcoming Reception the meeting attendees had a pleasure to discuss and judge Scholarship for Scientific Excellence posters on Sunday. Katrin Stierand was selected to be the award recipient.  The Scholarship for Scientific Excellence was sponsored by InfoChem. The Welcoming Reception was co-sponsored by InfoChem, Journal of CheminformaticsPerkinElmer, and RSC Publishing.

Following a Division tradition since the early 1960’s CINF members once again enjoyed chatting to old acquaintances and making new friends at Harry’s Party set up in a suite at the Sheraton Dallas on Monday. Harry’s Party was sponsored exclusively by ACS Publications. (See an article about Harry’s Party in the Chemical Information Bulletin and a page on the CINF website).  

Next, in our well-established schedule for a CINF Luncheon on Tuesday, Andrew Yeung of Texas A&M was our guest speaker in Dallas. Dr. Yeung shared his views on "Chemistry in Wikipedia: A Personal Perspective.” The Luncheon was sponsored exclusively by RSC Publishing.

For the San Francisco Meeting we have ever-expanding numbers of the social networking events planned for Division members. These include:

  • Saturday Dinner – this will give you an opportunity to meet committee chairs and help you decide how you may want to get involved in CINF
  • CINF Welcoming Reception & Scholarship for Scientific Excellence Posters on Sunday
  • Harry’s Party on Monday
  • CINF Luncheon on Tuesday
  • Herman Skolnik Award Reception honoring Engelbert Zass on Tuesday.

If you plan on coming to San Francisco please come to as many of the CINF events as you can. These gatherings are a great chance to discuss and relax with your colleagues. If you are interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring an event please contact me at

In closing I would also like to extend a note of thanks to my predecessor, Graham Douglas, for all of his efforts during this transition. He has and continues to be a wealth of information and support.

Philip Heller, Chair, CINF Fundraising Committee

CINF photos from the Spring 2014 ACS National Meeting are at:

Photos by Grace Baysinger and Wendy Warr