CINF Education Committee

The CINF Education Committee met on Saturday, March 15, 2014, from 1-3 PM in the Omni Dallas Hotel, Arts District 4.

Attended: Grace Baysinger (Chair, Stanford University), Chuck Huber (University of California Santa Barbara), Ye Li (University of Michigan), Donna Wrublewski (Caltech), Susanne Redalje* (University of Washington), Jeremy Garritano* (Purdue University), Adrienne Kozlowski* (Central Connecticut State University, Emerita). [* committee consultant]

Excused: Christina Keil (Pfizer), Marion Peters (University of California Los Angeles, Emerita), Teri Vogel (University of California San Diego).

Draft Goals for 2014: to provide benchmarks and a framework for the committee’s activities, the following goals were drafted and briefly discussed at the meeting:

  • Have the Chair spend more time on Committee work (ongoing)
  • Organize symposium on MOOCs for the Fall 2014 Meeting (March 2014)
  • Secure an Assistant Chair for the Committee (April 2014)
  • Find a member who is willing to organize symposia for the Committee (April 2014)
  • Update Committee webpage, maintain ACS Network page [private] (May 2014)
  • Improve communication by having virtual meetings between ACS Meetings (May, July, November, January)
  • Finish reviewing draft of Graduate Student Competencies (July 2014)
  • Review procedures manual for Education Committee (July 2014)
  • Review Undergraduate Competencies and update after the ACS Committee on Professional Training (CPT) changes are finalized (December 2014)
  • Solicit, cajole, and entice colleagues to submit content to XCITR (Send email monthly).

As BCCE (Biennial Conference on Chemical Education) 2014 is being held right before the Fall ACS National Meeting, no one from the CINF Education Committee will be participating in it. We do plan to send copies of the XCITR flyer to BCCE to let attendees know about this resource.

Action item:

Round Robin: relevant news and activities were shared among Education Committee members.

Additional action items:

  • Reach out to the ACS Committee on Professional Training about information resources listed on the CPT survey.
  • Recruit new members for the CINF Education Committee.

Grace Baysinger, Chair, CINF Education Committee