Letter from the Editor


As a salute to the attendees of the Spring 2014 ACS National Meeting I selected a photo of the “Travelling Man” sculpture (designed by artists Brad Oldham and Brandon Oldenburg, and put in 2009 in Dallas) for the cover page of this issue. Besides the image quality (by Dave Hensley), the “Travelling Man: Walking Tall” spirit speaks well to the ACS meetings conveying “the heights of possible achievements” dream and reaffirming a message about the importance of conferences: “Whether it’s the classic artist or the artful businessman, travel is an essential component of success.” (The story).

Based on the experiences of Spring conference attendees this issue provides well-rounded coverage of CINF happenings in Dallas. Starting with “Greetings” from Division Chair Judith Currano you will find out about activities planned and opportunities to get involved in CINF in the upcoming months. Congratulate Katrin Stierand and Ellen Strobel on their being selected as scholarship winners. Meet your new Program Chair Erin Bolstad to learn about her perspectives for the CINF technical program in the coming years. Erin’s response continues a sequence of “behind the stage” interviews with the past Program Chairs, Rachelle Bienstock, Rajarshi Guha, and Leah McEwen (then Solla). Jeremy Garritano served a short term in 2013 and shared some of his “know–how” in this issue too.

Read four CINF symposium write-ups, namely: Translational Cancer Bioinformatics: Data, Methods and Applications by Rachelle Bienstock and Shuxing Zhang, Neglected and Rare Disease Drug Discovery Needs Open Data by Sean Ekins, Ethical Considerations in Digital Scientific Communication and Publishing by Leah McEwen, and Cloud Computing in Cheminformatics by Phil McHale, as well as five committee reports: CINF Education Committee, and Joint Board-Council Committee on CAS, both chaired by Grace Baysinger, an overview of the ACS Committee on Ethics chaired by Gregory Ferrence (associated with a CINF symposium on “Ethical Considerations”),  ACS Council, and highlights (with presentation slides by Brian Crawford) from the Joint Board-Council Committee on Publications. An attentive reader may notice that a few CINF members are actively engaged in organizing and chairing multiple symposia and committee meetings so that their writing numerous articles for this Bulletin was almost impossible. In this context, I would like to call for “roving reporters” of the CINF sessions. If you are planning to attend the next meeting in San Francisco and interested in writing for the Bulletin, please contact me at skorolev@uwm.edu. We all appreciate reading symposium-related articles, and it would be quite interesting to hear the perspective of the technical program from attendees.

Next, welcome David Shobe and Philip Heller! David, Assistant Editor of summer and winter issues of CIB, compiled a concise bibliography of crystallographic databases as a nod to the 2014 International Year of Crystallography for his new column, Editors’ Corner. Philip, Fundraising Chair, provided a list of enticing social events from Dallas and for San Francisco, and collected news from our sponsors for this issue. I would like to thank Max Espley for contributing a success story of the “Gold for Gold” pilot, which, coincidently, fit nicely with a commentary of the upcoming new journal ACS Central Science provided by Sara Rouhi.      

In conclusion, I would like to thank all writers for submitting their articles to this issue. Special thanks to Danielle Dennie for her fast-paced work as CINF webmaster, especially with uploading the Bulletins into Drupal overnight, and I wish her well in the future!

Svetlana Korolev, Editor, Chemical Information Bulletin