CINF Webmaster Needed - You Can Help!

Danielle Dennie, our CINF Webmaster, has moved from the Chemistry Library to Webster Library as a Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering and Math subject librarian at Concordia University. As a result, she will be stepping down as our Webmaster. We are grateful for her efforts in migrating the CINF website into a Drupal environment as well as ongoing maintenance of the site. We wish Danielle well in her new endeavors.

This means, though, that we now have an opening for a new Webmaster. If you have been thinking about ways to get involved, or to get more involved, with CINF, this is an excellent way to do so. Responsibilities include interacting with a variety of CINF members and Committees to upload new content on the site, including such things as the Chemical Information Bulletin, presentations from National Meetings, announcements and news, etc. You wouldn’t need to generate the content yourself. Familiarity with Drupal would be helpful, but not required. Also, we have an Assistant Webmaster, so you wouldn’t be on your own.

If interested, please contact me at

Thanks for your consideration, and thanks again to Danielle!

David Martinsen, Chair, Communications and Publications Committee