Letter from the Assistant Editor

Welcome to the latest issue of the Chemical Information Bulletin (CIB). At the Indianapolis meeting, Tony Williams put out a call for people to help with CIB. I contacted him after the meeting to express interest, followed up with David Martinsen, and here I am. As one of the new assistant editors, I will be helping Vincent F. Scalfani with the pre-conference spring and fall issues.

While I did sign on as a way to increase my involvement in CINF, I also wanted to push myself to write more. And reading, along with proofreading and editing, other people’s work inspires me to stop procrastinating and start writing. The deadlines help as well.

In this issue you’ll find the technical program, abstracts, and business and social events for the upcoming ACS Meeting in Dallas. We also have book reviews and a career planning article, plus “Topics of Interest” submissions from Bob Buntrock and Tina Qin.

Would you like to write for a future issue of CIB? Write about what you’re reading (books, articles, blogs, etc.) or what topics you recently searched. Perhaps you’ve come across a new resource, or a new way to teach or promote information resources to your users. Or you attended another conference that other CINF members would find interesting, and you want to share what you learned with the rest of us. Maybe there’s something you think you’d like to write about, but you want to bounce ideas off someone. If any of these apply, or you have additional questions about contributing for CIB, please contact me.

Teri Vogel, Assistant Editor