Joint Board-Council Committee on Publications

The open session of the ACS Joint Board-Council Committee on Publications (JBCCP) is usually scheduled on Friday afternoon before each National Meeting and is open to any society members. The President of the ACS Publications Division, Brian Crawford, provides an update on the activities of the Division over the past 6 months to the Committee and to other ACS members in attendance. Highlights from the Indianapolis presentation are posted here. Questions regarding the Committee may be directed to the Committee Chair, Stephanie Brock ( Leah McEwen, CINF Secretary, has ended her term on the Committee. The following summary and slides were kindly provided by Debra Davis, ACS Staff Secretary of the Committee (

It was announced that three Editor Search Committees had recommended, and the ACS Board of Directors had approved the following appointments:

  • Dr. Harry A. Atwater (California Institute of Technology) to serve as the inaugural Editor of the new journal, ACS Photonics.
  • Dr. Vincent M. Rotello (University of Massachusetts – Amherst) to serve as the new Editor of Bioconjugate Chemistry.  
  • Dr. Phillip E. Savage (University of Michigan) to serve as the new Editor of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.

The staff report demonstrated that Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) continues to fulfill its mission. C&EN’s Strategic Plan for 2013-2017 was presented and discussed. C&EN marked its 90th anniversary during the Indianapolis meeting with a variety of activities, including a special issue on how chemistry has changed the world (September 9, 2013), a webinar on “Food Fraud: How Scientists Detect It & What You Should Know,” and a performance by celebrity chef Alton Brown. Print subscribers received a poster supplement depicting highlights in the recent history of the chemical enterprise. 

The Division President provided informational updates on recent allegations concerning ethical violations by authors published in ACS journals, open access publishing plans approved by the Society’s Governing Board for Publishing, and guidance provided to ACS Editors regarding sanctions by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) that affect the peer review of manuscripts submitted by authors who are employees of the Government of Iran.

Debra Davis, Staff Secretary, Joint Board-Council Committee on Publications