Letter from the Editor

ImageWelcome to the post-conference issue of Chemical Information Bulletin (CIB)!  Focusing on the CINF technical program, it includes the Program Chair’s highlights, full reports of seven CINF symposia, and updates from the Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group. Since its establishment in 1976, the Herman Skolnik Award Symposium has been the central point of the CINF program at a fall meeting.  Richard Cramer, the 2013 Herman Skolnik Award recipient, organized a symposium for the occasion. Cramer’s Award Address, as well as four other presentations of this symposium, was recorded for the Presentations on Demand.  Wendy Warr wrote a comprehensive overview (20 pages, 84 references) of the Award Symposium honoring Richard D. (Dick) Cramer for this issue.

“It has been quite a while since ACS has been in Indianapolis – last time was in 1931 – and this marks the 3rd time ACS is holding a national meeting in this city,” noted Marinda Li Wu, 2013 ACS President, in her Welcome to Indianapolis (ACS Show Daily, September 9, 2013). Saluting the city hosting “Indy 500,” the theme of the meeting was “Chemistry in Motion.” Our Division supported the theme by organizing a symposium “Exchangeable molecular and analytical data formats and their importance in facilitating data exchange” by Robert Lancashire and Antony Williams. They summarized their session for this Bulletin. Antony Williams, Division Chair, remarked on the “Chemistry Motion” theme: “I would say that CINF certainly kept things moving for the attendees in terms of a great program and well-attended social events.” Read more on the broadening perspectives of the ACS thematic program by Guether Grethe in this issue.

Speaking of chemical information, we celebrated two milestone anniversaries at the Indianapolis meeting. The first edition of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics was published a hundred years ago. Mickey Haynes, the Editor–in-Chief of the Handbook, wrote a “book review” for this Bulletin. For the view from history, I appended a brief book review published in JACS in 1917. The following excerpt from one of the earliest reviews summarizes the high quality standard of this publication sustained over the century: “In continuing their policy of frequent revision and giving special consideration to the suggestions of those who have used former editions, the authors are succeeding remarkably well in developing a book along lines most acceptable to those interested in a volume of this type.” (Ind. Eng. Chem. 1928, 20 (7), 776–777)

The 90th Anniversary of C&EN (Chemical & Engineering News) was widely publicized at the Indiana convention center. C&EN began its historic run as the News Edition of the Industrial and Engineering Chemistry on January 10, 1923, and it continues to be the leading weekly newsmagazine “Serving the chemical, life sciences, and laboratory worlds” (C&EN logo) to the ACS members and other subscribers. The 90th Anniversary Special Issue was published on September 9, 2013. Debra Davis from ACS provided highlights and presentation slides from the Joint Board Council Committee on Publications for this issue of CIB.

As usual, the Bulletin includes award announcements and calls for nominations, Editor’s choice interview with the 2013 Lucille Wert Scholarship recipient Kristin Briney, book reviews, ACS Council report, and a summary of the CINF social networking events. Hopefully, the readers of Chemical Information Bulletin can emulate the experience of the meeting attendees, who contributed timely reports to this publication (66 pages). I express my sincere thanks to all writers.

Svetlana Korolev, Editor, Chemical Information Bulletin