Message from the Chair

Antony J. WilliamsAs the memories of ACS Indianapolis meeting start to drift I reflect on what a great meeting it was. The weather was superb, the sessions that I attended were wonderful and the chance to meet with friends and colleagues in a social setting to discuss our changing world of chemical information is always good. The theme of the meeting was “Chemistry in Motion” and I would say that CINF certainly kept things moving for the attendees in terms of a great program and well-attended social events.

The highlights of the meeting for me were the excellent programming, the honor of presenting Dick Cramer with the 2013 Herman Skolnik award, hosting the CINF Luncheon with our guest speaker Katy Borner, and attending the reinvigorated Harry’s Party. I was also running in many directions between sessions I was presiding, many presentations I was giving, and a multitude of social and networking gatherings, so “Chemistry in Motion”….yes, it was! Hopefully, each of you attending walked away with similar fond memories of the gathering as well as having learned something new and exciting that is happening in our domain of chemical information.

After each ACS meeting I ask myself the question “Was it worth attending?” Certainly, attending conferences takes us away from our families, distracts us from our mainstream work for many days, and can be a burden to our bodies as we generally start early and finish late. My answer for “Indy 2013” was a resounding “Yes, it was definitely worth attending!” I came away feeling simultaneously exhausted by the pace and exhilarated by the conversations and the possibilities for the growing importance of our domain and what our Division can offer to the community. We are positively an example of a division working hard to make a difference.  As usual, it was great to come together with the CINF Division leadership team to work on making “ACS Indy” a success and to plan the future meetings and activities. Hopefully, you are sensing our commitment to continued growth and success for the Division.

That said, one sad piece of information reported in Indy is the continued decline in our membership despite sincere efforts over the past few months to encourage sign up. We are hoping that the registration of the new members from the CINF reception in New Orleans will help us turn the corner on the declining membership and, again, we encourage you to renew your membership and to encourage others to join us, so that we all work together to continue to ensure that CINF is not only relevant, but is a vibrant ACS Division for the foreseeable future.

With that I will bow out and thank you for your support during the period during which I have served the Division as Chair. It has been my pleasure to serve with an incredible team of dedicated individuals to ensure superior programming at the meetings and to keep the Division moving onwards and upwards. I look forward to supporting Judith Currano, the next Division Chair, as she steps into the role in 2014.  So until Dallas…have a wonderful holiday season and hope to see you all next year.

Antony Williams, Chair, ACS Division of Chemical Information