InfoChem — SPRESIweb version 2.13 successfully released

InfoChem is pleased to announce the successful release of SPRESIweb 2.13. The well-known web-based application gives direct access to the complete content of the SPRESI structure and reaction database that includes now 5.62 million compounds and 4.34 million reactions, covering the literature for the time period 1974-2012.  Visit for more information about SPRESIweb and to apply for a test account.


Name Reaction search to be included in SPRESImobile App

InfoChem is pleased to announce a new release of SPRESImobile in September 2013. The free App, successfully introduced on iTunes in March 2012 and developed to perform structure and reaction searches on mobile devices, gives access to a subset of the SPRESI reaction data (ChemReact).

Name Reaction searching will be integrated in the new iPhone and iPad App version: after registration users will be able to see a new button for name reaction searches in the reaction search form. Furthermore, all users (also not registered ones) will see a new link in the reaction hit list, when named reactions are hits for a reaction search. Visit our website for more information about SPRESImobile.


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