Bio-Rad — Access Over 1.4 Million Spectra Today at Your University


It is with great pleasure that Bio-Rad Laboratories, a long-time sponsor of CINF, invites your school to participate in a free 30-day evaluation trial of KnowItAll U—the world’s largest collection of spectral data.

This resource has been used successfully in the teaching curriculum, academic research in chemistry, biology, & other applied science disciplines, as well as in a library setting.

  1. KnowItAll U provides every student and faculty member unlimited campus-wide access to 1.4 million spectra (NMR, IR, Raman, MS, UV-Vis).
  2. Access via the KnowItAll AnyWare web browser interface or through the KnowItAll software—a full suite of tools to search, manage, analyze spectra; predict NMR spectra; draw structures; & more!

With this trial, your school will have complete access to the spectra and software for 30 days.

Please contact Farrel Borden at 267-322-6938 or register online at It’s that easy!

For more information, you can also visit or view a recording of our “Introduction to KnowItAll U” webinar at (presented by Farrel Borden).