Message from the Chair

Indianapolis, ahoy! So I won’t be sailing into Indianapolis for the next ACS meeting, I’ll be flying, but I am excited to show up for a conference that is sure to stimulate, educate and yes, tire me out. Every ACS meeting is stacked end-to-end with talks that I want to get to, events that I want to experience, new people I want to network with and, of course, fellow CINF’ers with whom I want to catch up and see what’s happening in our ever expanding world of chemical information. Since this meeting is dedicated to “Chemistry in Motion,” we intend to ensure that you want to keep moving between symposia and social events!

Indy offers us a rich program with many of you chairing, speaking in, and/or attending our CINF sessions. The program is already online and you can check out what’s coming here:

The sessions run from Sunday through Thursday and, having been involved in organizing a number of them myself, I can tell you that there has been a lot of effort put into allocating the talks to the best sessions and making sure that the days are full. We are even involved in 9 additional sessions co-sponsored by other divisions (CHAS and COMP).At the upcoming meeting you will have the chance to hear about the latest and greatest advances on Tablet Computers, sit in on a day dedicated to Dick Cramer, the winner of our 37th Herman Skolnik award, and discuss budding research with graduate students in cheminformatics and information science. These are just some of what’s on offer and we hope that our CINF programming committee has done you proud with what you will experience. We will of course have a number of social events and will do our utmost to ensure that the food and drink is both on time and up to expectations!

Over the past few months we have tried to extend ourselves a little more as a Division into the world of social networking. Hopefully some of you have noticed. Our greatest success has likely been the delivery of a number of webinars (ably hosted by our own David Martinsen!), posted online here:

In my opinion we are still struggling to reach outside our Division to further encourage membership but, more importantly, to help the chemistry community in general get more of a grip on what is possible today with chemical information. We are challenged by a growing “Google it” mentality (which is incredibly useful by the way) relative to the advantages that a good grounding in chemical information skills can bring to students and career scientists alike. Part of my personal mission is to spread the message regarding social networking skills for scientists not only to help them in the representation of their own profiles as scientists, but also to help them network into our world. My request to you as CINF members is pass on to your colleagues outside the Division those nuggets that might show up on the CHMINF list. Invite them to our webinars. Point them to our website. Invite them along to our symposia and our social events and, ultimately, give them a chance to embrace what we have to offer them.

So, that’s Indianapolis on the horizon.  Even before that, the call for papers for Dallas Spring 2014 goes live. We are presently rounding out the program and look forward to unveiling it. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Indy in September. If you can’t make it we will do our best to summarize the events in our next Chemical Information Bulletin! Hope you all have a great summer!

Dr. Antony J. Williams
Chair, ACS Division of Chemical Information