CINF Social Networking Events

As fellow CINF members like to praise: “We know how to have fun!” The Spring Meeting in New Orleans was no exception. At this meeting we had a slight change in the pre-conference day schedule, arranging for a “Functionary Thank-You/Future Brainstorming Dinner” on Saturday evening instead of the usual long-range planning lunch. Our Chair Tony Williams, together with Secretary Leah McEwen and Chair–Elect Judith Currano, encouraged CINF members and those interested in CINF to get together over a delicious dinner and to share their views on why CINF is useful and what can be done better. The dinner held at Calcasieu private dining was fantastic: lovely ambiance and impressive cuisine. It was enjoyed by 32 attendees. Over dinner each table put together a series of notes led by a facilitator on what had made them join CINF and why they stayed on as well as which membership benefits might be missing. After a bit of discussion the notes from each table were gathered and categorized, and then led to an interesting set of themes that will be useful in charting CINF’s future.

On Sunday evening we gathered at the CINF Welcoming Reception supported by seven helpful sponsors: ACS Publications, Bio-Rad, Chemistry Central, InfoChem, Optibrium, Perkin Elmer and Thieme Chemistry. Despite a somewhat rocky start, the reception got back on track thanks to quick thinking on the part of the Convention Center staff. The Welcoming Reception was attended by over a hundred people including both CINF members and guests. It was good to see many well-known faces as well as quite a few new ones. During the reception we arranged an impromptu membership drive resulting in a number of new sign-ups. As before, the Welcoming Reception hosted the CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence poster session (sponsored by Accelrys) and this meeting saw four posters being presented.

The CINF Luncheon on Tuesday was our final social event at the Spring Meeting. Sponsored exclusively by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Luncheon gathered about 75 attendees for a delicious meal and an excellent talk by science comedian, Brian Malow, who regaled us with jokes and puns on science topics, and also discussed the issues around broadly communicating science to non-scientist audiences. During the Luncheon the CINF Scholarship for Excellence awards were presented to the winners, Julien Thibault (University of Utah) and Amir Seddik (University of Vienna). Congratulations to the recipients!

We gratefully appreciate and thank all our sponsors. Without their generous support the Division would not have been able to host these social networking events. We are also thankful to our CINF colleagues, Leah McEwen and Judith Currano, for taking on the herculean task of arranging venues, keeping track of paperwork, and ensuring that it all came together.

Due to various circumstances, we had to curtail some of our social events such as Harry’s Party, but we certainly made the best of what we had. I have no doubt that we will entertain a series of delectable social networking events at the next Fall Meeting, where I hope to see many of you again!

Rajarshi Guha, Chair, Fundraising Committee

Photos from the Spring 2013 ACS National Meeting are at