Letter from the Editor


Welcome to the all-around post-conference issue of the Chemical Information Bulletin. This issue covers a wide spectrum of the Division’s activities at the most recent Spring 2013 ACS National Meeting - ranging from highlights of the impressive CINF technical program and including full reports of seven symposia, to the “bright future” of the ACS thematic program planning, from brief student scholarship winner announcements and calls for award nominations, to the detailed committee and ACS Council reports, from book reviews of “alternative information aspects of chemistry” to sponsor announcements featuring their new products. Hopefully, the readers of this Bulletin can benefit in all respects from the experiences of the meeting attendees who were willing to share their expertise, not only at the meeting, but also to write their timely reports to this publication (47 pages).

In the opening Message from the Chair, Antony Williams stresses that New Orleans is “an excellent venue for an ACS meeting and all that CINF programming has to offer” and the “great success of the conference” is observed by many submissions throughout this issue. Speaking of numbers and reviewing national meeting data of CINF since 2006, New Orleans 2013 saw the third highest number of CINF presentations - 124 plus lightning talks at a Spring Meeting (2010 San Francisco - 158, 2012 San Diego - 133). The previous Spring 2008 New Orleans Meeting also saw a peak of CINF presentations - 114. (Note: no location or a change of seasons could beat San Francisco. CINF usually sees more presentations, but fewer members attending, at Spring than at Fall National Meetings in the same year. This trend could be explained by the programming focus on the Herman Skolnik Award Symposium in Fall).

In the news from Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group, Guenter Grethe emphasizes that “unquestionably, part of the success was due to the location, but an excellent program with the theme Chemistry of Energy and Food, fittingly selected by MPPG for New Orleans, certainly played an important role.” The CINF symposium Foodinformatics: Applications of Chemical Information to Food Chemistry organized by Jose Medina-Franco and Karina Martinez Mayorga was part of the ACS Meeting theme. Their symposium overview is included in this Bulletin, as well as those of six other symposia, namely, Library Cafes, Intellectual Commons and Virtual Services, Oh My! Charting New Routes for Users into Research Libraries by Teri Vogel, Scholarly Communication: New Models, New Media, New Metrics by David Martinsen, Food for Thought: Alternative Careers in Chemistry by Patricia Meindl, Public Databases Serving the Chemistry Community by Sean Ekins and Antony Williams, Advances in Virtual High-Throughput Screening by Sean Ekins and Joel Freundlich, and Computational De Novo Protein and Peptide Design by Rachelle Bienstock. 

In conclusion, I would like to thank all authors for their generous contributions to this issue. Many thanks to Mark Luchetti for designing the cover page, to Farai Tsokodayi for providing national meeting data of CINF, to Bonnie Lawlor and Wendy Warr for proofreading this issue, to Danielle Dennie for putting it on the website, and to Wendy Warr for taking photographs at the New Orleans Meeting (http://www.flickr.com/photos/cinf/).

Svetlana Korolev, Editor, Chemical Information Bulletin