C&P Committee Report

CINF Website: A major accomplishment from Communications & Publications is the migration of the CINF website into a Drupal environment. CINF Webmaster Danielle Dennie, working with an associate, David Pickup, completed the migration in late February. The new environment will be much easier to maintain than the previous site. It will even allow non-experts, such as committee chairs, to add and modify their own web pages. The CIB was moved to the new environment last year, and Judith Currano and Svetlana Korolev, previous Editors of the CIB, posted some of the material themselves. Having posted and edited some of the material for this edition, I can also attest to the relative ease of use of the new environment. Thanks to Danielle and David for a job well done!

ACS Network: CINF communications are an ongoing concern for the division. Some time ago, we moved from the CINF Yahoo! groups into the ACS Network. Since then, several issues have arisen. We have experienced performance issues, usually around the time of the National Meetings. Unfortunately, this is when we use the system more heavily. Second, there have been several upgrades to the Network. These have affected navigation, making it difficult to find the appropriate group. In addition, the default settings for delivery of email when a new message or document has been posted to a group were changed in one upgrade. To help improve the flow of information for CINF business, I would to ask CINF Functionaries to check their settings on the ACS Network. If you are not a member of the ACS Network group, and would like to be, please contact me at d_martinsen@acs.org. If you are a member, please ensure that you are set to receive notifications when activity happens in the group. Login at http://communities.acs.org, select “Your Groups” under the “Your Stuff” at the top of the page. Select the group, in this case “Division of Chemical Information.” There will be an “Actions” area, and if there is a link to “Stop email notifications,” your setting is OK. If you see a link to “Receive email notifications,” it means you are not set to get notified. Click on the link to enable notifications. When you click, the link should change to say “Stop email notifications.” CINF committee groups are under control of the committee chair, but if you are in a group, make sure you have the same setting for Action in that group. If you see a link to “Receive email notifications,” click it to enable notifications.

David Martinsen
Chair, CINF Communications and Publications Committee