- SPRESIweb version 2.12 successfully released


InfoChem is pleased to announce the successful release of SPRESIweb 2.12.

The well-known web-based application gives direct access to the complete content of the SPRESI structure and reaction database that includes now 5.52 million compounds and 4.26 million reactions, covering the literature for the time period 1974-2011. Since 2006, all structures from the major chemical supplier catalogs were added alongside the literature structures, thus boosting the number of molecules to the 11.8 million contained in version 2.11. Now InfoChem has given SPRESI a major refresh and resumed the original concept of only including structures abstracted from the literature. This means that all the small molecules and common structures from catalogs that are not included in SPRESIweb have been removed. Therefore, SPRESI now only retains those catalog data and supplier links matching literature structures.

In addition all the data of those chemical supplier catalogs included in SPRESIweb have been updated and Apexmol and Ark Pharm have been added.

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- SPRESImobile App version 2.0 launched in September 2012

Spresi Mobile

InfoChem is pleased to announce the successfull launch of SPRESImobile 2.0 in September 2012. The free App, successfully introduced on iTunes in March and developed to perform structure and reaction searches on mobile devices, gives access to a subset of the SPRESI reaction data (ChemReact).

Reaction searching is the most important feature of the new iPhone and iPad App version: users are now able to perform exact, substructure, similar and all-in-one reaction searches, editing the queries with an ad hoc developed editor.

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