CINF Webinars

At the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, the Chemical Information Division decided in its Long Range Planning meeting to experiment with webinars as a way to expand the reach of its programming beyond the National Meetings. The plan was to begin in 2013, offering a webinar every 2 months with popular speakers from the symposia. Tony Williams, then Chair-Elect, began lining up speakers quite quickly, and so the first webinar was held in October, and the second in December.

Alex Clark

Alex Clark, from Molecular Materials, Inc., spoke on “Practical cheminformatics workflows with mobile apps.” He discussedsome of the things he tries to do when designing apps, and some things to consider when creating apps. He also discussed some of the drawbacks of tablet computing at the current time, and the vision he has for creating a fully functional chemistry environment on mobile devices.

Jean-Claude Bradley

The second webinar saw Jean Claude-Bradley, chemistry professor at Drexel University, talking about the open science movement. He described his experience in which students examine the disparity of experimental measurements in published data, make and post measurements of their own, and seek to explain why the published values can be so vastly different.

Jason Priem

The third webinar featured Jason Priem, graduate student at the Univerity of North Carolina, discussing the altmetrics movement. Jason originated the term, which describes an umbrella of metrics related to article usage and discussion on articles on social media. These are complementary to impact factor and H-index. Jason’s webinar was somewhat different from those of the previous two speakers, both of whom are well known to the CINF community. Jason has not spoken before at an ACS meeting, but the topic is definitely of interest to CINFers.

The webinars have been hosted using Adobe Connect and MeetingBurner, compliments of ACS Publications. The first 2 webinars saw between 25 and 40 attendees. The third webinar, of interest beyond the CINF community, attracted 50 attendees. Webinar information can be found at Recordings of the webinars can be found at the same address.

David Martinsen
Chair, CINF Communications and Publications Committee