ACS Chemical Information Division (CINF)
245th ACS National Meeting, Spring 2013
New Orleans, LA (April 7 - 11)

CINF Symposia

J. Garritano, Program Chair

S M T W T Session title
D A       Advances in Visualizing and Analyzing Biomolecular Screening Data**
D         Library Cafes, Intellectual Commons and Virtual Services, Oh My! Charting New Routes for Users into Research Libraries**
P         CINFlash
E         CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence
  D       Scholarly Communication: New Models, New Media, New Metrics**
  P       Food for Thought: Alternative Careers in Chemistry**
  P       FoodInformatics: Applications of Chemical Information to Food Chemistry**
  E       Sci-Mix
    D     Linking Bioinformatic Data and Cheminformatic Data
    D A   Public Databases Serving the Chemistry Community
      A   Balancing Chemistry on the Head of a Pin: Multi-Parameter Optimization
      P   Advances in Virtual High-Throughput Screening
      P   Computational De novo Protein and Peptide Design**
        A General Papers

Symposia co-sponsored by CINF

Selecting a co-sponsored symposium will take you outside of the current Committee, Secretariat or Division

S M T W T Session title
A A       Chairs’ Prime Choices*(COMP)
      P   Collaborative Drug Discovery for Neglected Diseases*(COMP)
D A       Computational Study of Water*(COMP)
D D D     Drug Discovery*(COMP)
P P       Material Science*(COMP)
    P P   Membranes*(COMP)
      A   Mobile Applications*(COMP)
      P   Nanosimulations and Nanoinformatics*(COMP) 
    E     Poster Session*(COMP)
  A A A A Potential Function Uncertainty and Validation*(COMP)
  P D D A Protein-Ligand Interactions: Insights, New Tools and Applications in Drug Design*(COMP)
P         These Materials Rock! (COMP)


A = AM, P = PM, D = AM/PM, E = Evening
*Cosponsored symposium with primary organizer shown in parenthesis; located with primary organizer.
**Primary organizer of cosponsored symposium.

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