CINF Education Committee

The Education Committee met on Saturday, August 18, from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM, in Philadelphia Convention Center, Room 118A.

Attended: Chuck Huber (Committee Chair), Grace Baysinger (upcoming Committee Chair 2013-14); Adrienne Koslowski (consultant). Donna Wrublewski (guest).

Review of the Fall 2012 ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia: The Education Committee was directly involved with the Thursday afternoon symposium “Legal, Patent and Digital Rights Management in Publishing” (Judith Currano, presiding; Judith Currano and Chuck Huber, organizers). The full day symposia “Hunting for Hidden Treasures: Chemical Information in Patents and Other Documents” (Sunday) and “Future of the History of Chemical Information” (Monday) were also recommended for their educational relevance.

Report of the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE), Penn State, University Park, PA, July 29–August 2, 2012: About 1500 chemical educators attended this year’s meeting. An all-day symposium “Before and After the Lab” was organized by several Education Committee members and former members: Grace Baysinger, Judith Currano, Andrea Twiss-Brooks and Adrienne Koslowski. It featured nine speakers, a mixture of librarians and chemistry faculty, and attracted thirty attendees at its peak. Presentations included: “Wikipedia in a Writing Assignment,” “Collaboration between Faculty and Librarians,” “Presentation Skills for Undergraduates,” “Ethical Issues” and “Chemical Information Literacy.” The latter, by Grace Baysinger, delved into the recommendations for chemical information literacy for undergraduates endorsed by CINF. (More information about BCCE 2012 is provided by Andrea Twiss-Brooks in this Bulletin).

Looking ahead to the Spring 2013 New Orleans ACS Meeting, April 7-11: Theme: Chemistry of Energy & Food.  Symposia of interest include: “What Chemists Need to Know about IP/Author Rights,” “Food Safety Information” (organizer: Andrea Twiss-Brooks), “Library Spaces” (organizer: Andrea Twiss-Brooks), and “Public Chemistry Databases” (organizer: Antony Williams). A symposium “Print Resources in the Electronic Era” (organizer: Grace Baysinger), originally slated for New Orleans, has been moved forward to the Fall 2013 Indianapolis Meeting.

Fall 2013 Indianapolis ACS Meeting, September 8-12: Theme: Chemistry in Motion. Symposia of interest include: “Print Resources in the Electronic Era” (see above), “Education for Cheminformatics” (suggested by the proximity of the Indiana University’s Cheminformatics Program, possible organizer: Jeremy Garritano), “Digital Archiving” (possible organizer: Andrea Twiss-Brooks), and a student-only session (whether poster or oral to be determined). A symposium “Chemical Information for Small Teaching Colleges,” originally slated for Indianapolis, has been deferred to the Fall 2014 San Francisco Meeting.

Spring 2014 Dallas ACS Meeting, March 16-20: The Committee deferred further program planning until the theme is known. (Theme: Chemistry of Energy/Advanced Materials for New Opportunities was made known to the Committee after 08/18/12).

BCCE 2014, Grand Valley State University, Annandale, MI, August 3-7, 2014: The theme for this meeting is “Sustainability: Greener on the Grand.” The conference website is: The call for workshops begins June 3, 2013 and for symposia, August 1, 2013. The deadline for abstract submissions for both is December 2, 2013. The committee will try to recruit a local liaison in the Michigan area for CINF. A complicating factor is how close BCCE 2014 is on the calendar to the San Francisco ACS National Meeting (the latter begins only a few days after the former ends).

Fall 2014 San Francisco ACS Meeting, August 10-14: The symposium “Chemical Information for Small Teaching Colleges” has been deferred to this meeting. As San Francisco Meetings are usually highly attended, the Committee wants to prepare many programs once the theme is available. (Theme: Chemistry and Stewardship of the World was made known to the Committee after 08/18/12).

Information Competencies for Chemistry Undergraduates: Grace Baysinger will add a link to the current version of the document from the CINF website. The committee will inform the ACS Committee on Professional Training (CPT) to get them to link to the document.

The Wikibooks link for the document is:

Information Competencies for Chemistry Graduates: Judith Currano has prepared an outline. Grace Baysinger will post it to the Education Committee group on the ACS Network.

XCITR: All agreed that we need to encourage more of our colleagues to deposit teaching materials (or links to teaching materials) in XCITR. How best this might be accomplished was not resolved.

Committee Membership: Selection of the Assistant Chair of the Education Committee was deferred to the Spring 2013 New Orleans Meeting.

Chuck Huber, Chair, CINF Education Committee