CINF Communications and Publications Committee

CINF website and the new Drupal implementation

Danielle Dennie reported that content is being transferred over from the CINF to the Drupal websites. It’s going surely but slowly because of the “meetings” content, which is long and has many inconsistencies. It will be done by mid-October (at the earliest). If not, we may need to consider hiring someone else to do this painstaking work. Aside from the “meetings,” most of the content has been transferred.

The “Contact” module is also being installed, both on the CINF and CIB sites. It aims at helping with spam as the emails will be hidden and a contact form will open up for email to be sent to a person. Within our hosting service, the spam filtering option and settings were also changed to “ultra aggressive” so that spam emails are sent automatically to the “deleted items” folder rather than to the inbox.

Chemical Information Bulletin

Judith Currano reported that the Spring 2012 issue was challenging because many of our long-standing writers, Svetla Baykoucheva (interviews), Bob Buntrock (book reviews), and Song Yu (literature digests), were not able to contribute at this time. As a result, the issue had a single feature about the 2012 SLA Conference by Sue Cardinal.

For future issues it would be helpful to recruit some individuals who wish to serve as regular columnists. Perhaps we could get a second literature reviewer. Martin Braendle indicated his interest in writing occasional database or product reviews. He was not able to contribute to this issue. Judith will ask Martin again for the next Spring issue.

Bill Town started a nice trend of symposium organizers writing descriptive pieces about their upcoming symposia. Judith would like to highlight one or two symposia each fall/spring issue, perhaps looking at themes that would appeal to a broader base of our membership or symposia of “lower profile” compared to a high profile Herman Skolnik Award Symposium.

Judith would like to introduce a “Member News” section with announcements about people who received awards, or have changed jobs or responsibilities. She would also like to publish the names of CINF new members and brief member profiles (e.g. one new member and one member of longer standing, specifically members who do not regularly attend ACS meetings, so that we can get to know more division members). Getting information about members has not been easy. This would involve close work with the Membership Committee.

The Spring 2012 issue was organized as follows: Chair’s Message, Editorial, Features, Governance information, Sponsor News, Symposium Overview, Technical Program Schedule (CINF first, then COMP, then SCHB), Abstracts, Officers and Functionaries.

Schedules for all symposia in which CINF was a primary or a secondary sponsor were obtained. The program was divided up by primary sponsor, putting the CINF ones first and then everything else in alphabetical order. This year, it was also not possible to get the session letters (e.g., “Sunday Morning: CINF Session A”). All Technical Program listings were grouped together. Thus, anyone who wanted to print the program part, could simply print one block of pages. It was decided to include only the CINF-primary symposia abstracts in the interests of space (the issue was almost 90 pages!). Points of discussion for the Committee are: whether or not we want to include the co-sponsored symposia in future issues, whether the current organization of the technical program makes sense, and whether or not we want to include the abstracts for the co-sponsored symposia.

Concerning hyperlinks from the table of contents in the PDF version, the only way with Acrobat 7.0 Professional is to add the links manually so far. The following points need to be discussed: is there a way to automate this process that we did not find? If there is no way to automate the process, since we estimate that it is going to take a fair amount of time to do it manually, what is the value versus the time commitment? Right now, we are essentially building two separate publications. In some cases we need to actually change the text of the content to make sense for the format. The organization of both may be slightly different, too. We need to set our priorities for the two documents as a Committee, leading to a final decision once and for all.

Committee membership

David Martinsen will become Committee Chair for 2013-2015.

Graham Douglas will become Committee Assistant Chair for 2013.

Svetlana Korolev has renewed her committee membership and will continue as Editor of the Summer and Winter issues of CIB.

Judith Currano has been chosen as the 2013 CINF Division Chair-Elect and will not be able to continue as CIB Editor after the Spring 2013 issue, which she hopes to have time to co-edit with a new CIB Editor.

Other committee members: Svetla Baykoucheva, Bonnie Lawlor, Carmen Nitsche, Sara Rouhi, Song Yu.

Ex Officio: Gregory Banik (Membership Chair), Susanne Redalje (Bylaws & Procedures Manual), Fundraising Chair 2013 (TBD).

ACS Network

Graham Douglas reported on the continuing problems with the ACS Network.

Procedures manual

Work on this is still outstanding.

Bill Town, Chair, CINF Communications and Publications Committee