Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group


The Executive and Full Committee of MPPG, a subcommittee of the ACS Committee on Divisional Activities, met in Philadelphia during the recent National ACS Meeting to discuss the thematic programming activities of present and future ACS Meetings. For Philadelphia, the thematic organizer Xinqiao Jia, University of Delaware, did an extraordinary job in putting together an excellent program and the ACS staff again created and widely published an eye-catching logo symbolizing the meeting’s theme “Materials for Health and Medicine.” Divisional symposia related to the theme were advertised on flyers and in the meeting program, as were the “Kavli Foundation Innovation in Chemistry Lecture and the Plenary Session. The Kavli lecture on “Chemistry in medicine: From the discovery of angiogenesis to the development of controlled drug delivery systems and the foundation of tissue engineering” was presented to a full house by Robert Langer of MIT. The plenary session, again to a standing room only audience, consisted of four presentations by eminent scientists addressing the theme of the Meeting: Jacqueline K. Barton, California Institute of Technology; Chad A. Mirkin, Northwestern University; Buddy D. Ratner, University of Washington; and John T. Santini, Jr., On Demand Therapeutics, Inc.

The future of thematic programming at ACS meetings looks bright. More and more technical divisions organize symposia related to the theme of a meeting, often co-sponsored by other divisions indicating the interdisciplinary nature of chemistry. We definitely have seen a strong upwards trend in the last few meetings. As per charter, themes for the next three years have been approved and organizers are in place for 2013 and 2014. The CINF Program Committee should look closely at the themes and available synopses to work together with the thematic program chairs to organize companion symposia. Any symposium within a given theme will provide valuable publicity to the division.

Here are the themes for future meetings:




Program Chair

Spring 2013 New Orleans

April 7-11

Chemistry of Energy and Food

James Seiber, UC Davis

Fall 2013 

September  8-12

Chemistry in Motion

Robert Weiss,
University of Akron

Spring 2014

March 16-20

Chemistry of Energy/
Advanced Materials for New Opportunities

Michelle Buchanan,
Oak Ridge National Lab
Nitash Balsara, UC Berkeley

Fall 2014
San Francisco

August 10-14

Chemistry and Stewardship of the World

Robin Rogers,
University of Alabama

Spring 2015

March 22-26

Chemical Resources:
Extraction, Refining and Conservation


Fall 2015

August 16-20

History of Innovations:
From Discovery to Application


Spring 2016
San Diego

March 13-17

Computers in Chemistry


Fall 2016

August 21-25

Chemistry and Education



Important News: Recently, the Kavli Foundation signed an agreement with ACS to sponsor a second lecture series “The Kavli Foundation Emerging Leader in Chemistry Lecture” at future ACS National Meetings for the period 2013–2015. Divisions will be asked to nominate up to two candidates. The Kavli Emerging Leader Lecturer must be a distinguished younger scientist who is highly regarded by his or her peers for significant contributions to an area of chemistry or related multidisciplinary area. The nominee(s) have to be 40 years of age or less and fewer than 10 years after completion of his or her PhD at the time of nomination. The nominees do not have to be members of the nominating division. Division’s secretaries will send out the “Call for Nomination” and submit the nominations to MPPG, who will manage the selection process. A template for nominations will be sent out by the Chair of MPPG.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions regarding MPPG.

Guenter Grethe, Member, Executive Committee Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group