Howard and Sally Peters Award for Non-Traditional Careers in Chemistry

The ACS Division of Chemistry and the Law (CHAL) has just established an award for Non-traditional Careers in Chemistry in honor of Howard and Sally Peters. This is the first award established by CHAL in more than twenty years. It was presented for the first time to both Howard and Sally for their significant contributions to non-traditional careers in chemistry at a dinner following the CHAL Executive Committee meeting held on Sunday, August 19, 2012 during the 244th American Chemical Society National Meeting in Philadelphia, PA. It was also announced at the CHAL reception held Monday, August 20, 2012 at the Chemical Heritage Foundation. 

The award presented to Howard and Sally was the first of many annual presentations to come.  Beginning in 2013, CHAL plans to recognize two ACS members each year. Recipients of the award will be those who have significantly contributed to or who have been significantly involved in non-traditional careers in chemistry. There will be an annual honorarium for the award and further details about the award will be featured in the coming months on CHAL's official website which can be found at

Howard was instrumental in establishing CHAL as a subdivision of the Division of Chemical Information (CINF) during the 1980’s. He and Sally combined have 50+ years of membership in CHAL, about 50 years on the ACS Council, and 80 years of ACS membership. Sally has also been a long-term member of CINF.

On behalf of all members of the Division of Chemical Information and those of us who have followed non-traditional career paths in chemistry, I offer sincere congratulations on a well-deserved honor!

Bonnie Lawlor, CINF Councilor

Sally and Howard Peters

Sally and Howard Peters provided an entertaining presentation with delightful treats “Chocolate, Food of the Gods” at the CINF Luncheon, 2011 Fall ACS National Meeting, Denver, CO