Letter from the Editor

CurranoGreetings from steamy Philadelphia!

I began my first post to the CHMINF-L list with a comment about the weather in Philadelphia as a result of a gap in my education.  While I learned in school to address a business letter and a personal letter, nobody ever taught me to address an e-mail to a diverse group of people to whom I had never been introduced.  “Dear Colleagues” seemed too formal for the e-mail genre, and a simple “Hello” was far too impersonal.  After a great deal of typing and erasing, I settled on “Greetings,” but, upon rereading the note, I decided that it needed embellishment.  More than a decade later, list conversations and in-person interactions at national meetings have helped me become acquainted with many of my colleagues around the country and the world, but the weather-report habit has stuck.  However, for the first time in my thirteen years at Penn, I was reticent to add the adjective today.  I am looking forward to welcoming you all to my adopted city, but our weather, with its recent, inhospitable heat wave does not seem to be cooperating!

Fortunately, it will be pleasantly cool in the Pennsylvania Convention Center and surrounding hotels, where the Program Committee has devised an excellent line-up of symposia.  This issue of the CIB will differ from previous pre-meeting issues; this fall, we are able to present all CINF sponsored and cosponsored symposia in the “Technical Program” section.  The program schedule is organized by primary division, listing all the CINF symposia first, then the COMP sessions cosponsored by CINF, and finally the one SCHB session that CINF will cosponsor.  In the interests of space, we present the abstracts for only the CINF symposia, although interested parties can use the ACS online technical program to find the abstracts of other papers and posters of interest.  I extend my sincerest thanks to David Martinsen for obtaining the symposium information and to Danielle Dennie for formatting it for the Web. 

Of course, no meeting would be complete without governance activities and social networking events, and, as you will see in the “Committee Information” and “Social Networking Events” sections, there is a great deal happening in Philadelphia.  Five committee chairs have included agendas or information about their activities on Saturday, August 18, and CINF representatives on the Joint Board-Council Committees on Publications and CAS have submitted information about the activities of their committees.  Graham Douglas, as usual, has done a marvelous job of compiling our sponsor information and social events calendar.

It has been a busy time for many of our members, and the book and literature reviews are on hiatus for the summer.  However, Susan Cardinal has prepared an excellent article, reporting events from the recent SLA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL, which I hope you will enjoy.  We are always on the lookout for feature articles, so, if you have burning desire to write a piece, please feel free to contact me at any time.

As always, I wish to conclude by thanking the many volunteers who took time away from their regular work duties and, occasionally, their vacations to help produce this issue of the Chemical Information Bulletin.  It is their efforts that have made this endeavor possible.

Judith N. Currano
Editor, Chemical Information Bulletin