Letter from the Editor

svetlanaGreetings! With great pleasure I have assembled pertinent information on the award announcements, symposium overviews, and committee updates from CINF and related matters in this issue of Chemical Information Bulletin for perusal by division members and friends.  The Spring 2012 ACS National Meeting was the second largest in attendance for a spring national meeting since 2004, attracting 16,864 scientists to San Diego (see Councilors’ Report in this issue).  Similarly, the CINF technical program had the second largest number of abstract submissions, more than 130 for this meeting.  This was slightly less than the record number of 140 submissions for the CINF technical program at the 2010 Spring Meeting in San Francisco, where the total attendance reached 18,076.

Among many CINF highlights in San Diego was the record number of sixteen student poster presentations at the CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence.  In the tight competition, two students, Freya Klepsch, University of Vienna, and David Fooshee, University of California Irvine, won the $1,000 scholarships.  Bin Chen, a student at Indiana University, was selected as the recipient of the 2012 Lucille Wert Scholarship.  Dr. Wendy Warr, a renowned fellow of CINF, was named to be the recipient of the 2012 Val Metanomski Meritorious Service Award.  The presentation of the awards to Bin Chen and Wendy Warr will take place at the Fall CINF Luncheon in Philadelphia on August 21, 2012.  Congratulations to all award recipients!

Additionally, a CINF symposium, Drug Polypharmacology Prediction and Design, organized by Shuxing Zhang, was spotlighted for the Chemistry of Life thematic program in San Diego.  Go over the CINF Technical Program Highlights by Rachelle Beinstock in this issue.  Then, dip into full reports of five CINF symposia, namely, Instructional Tools for Chemical Information by Charles Huber, CINFlash by Rajarshi Guha, Joint CINF-CSA Trust Symposium Beyond Small Molecules: Pushing the Envelope for Chemical Structure Representation by Keith Taylor, How Many Miles Have We Gone, InChI by InChI? by Alex Tropsha and Antony Williams, and Libraries and Institutional Research Evaluation by Andrea Twiss-Brooks.  Recorded content from six CINF symposia (30 presentations) will be freely available to everyone after May 8, 2012.  Read on about the highly successful thematic programming in San Diego and themes for future ACS National Meetings in the News from the Multidisciplinary Planning Program Group by Guenter Grethe. 

Furthermore, check out a welcome addition of a report from the CINF Education Committee by Charles Huber.  With no break in programming since San Diego, the Education Committee is now looking forward to Before and After Lab: Instructing Students In “Non Chemical” Research Skills, a symposium organized for the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Penn State University, July 29-August 2, 2012 (http://www.2012bcce.com).  Also, an invited report with highlights from the Joint Board Council Committee on Publications by Leah Solla is featured.

In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone who wrote articles for this issue.  Many thanks to Mark Luchetti for designing the cover page, Bonnie Lawlor and Wendy Warr for proofreading this issue, and Wendy Warr for taking photographs in San Diego (http://www.flickr.com/photos/cinf/).

Svetlana Korolev, Editor, Chemical Information Bulletin